Thursday, August 7, 2008

Respond to the reviews

This is insane!

Ok the good reviews were too promising, they say the teachers are good and all that but the bad reviews say vice versa. Do they really change your schedule in the middle of the year? and why???
I'm sorry, but that's just stupid. Wouldn't we already have friends in those classes, and know the teachers, and be used to it, why would they want to change it?
I won't let me. I will not let them change my classes. My parents find it perfectly fine, but I'm afraid I don't.
Aside from that there is the the fact that they care about attendance a lot. I guess that's just because if students go there everyday then they study more, so I'm not to worried about that one. Though I'm not sure, do they or do they not give you a lot homework?

The reviews helped a little bit but I guess I truly can't know everything about that school until I go there. Either way, better get ready for the worst.

I'll keep this updated either way
Rikku Rebeca

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