Thursday, August 14, 2008

starting the week and then leaving?

Apparently "D" school is running out of time and I am not accepted yet, I will probably be told on monday morning which sucks because next week I have school!

So my mom told me (I think yesterday she said this) that "D" school's staff has been moving kids to that school for a long time and they can't seem to have the approbation ready. If they don't have it done by friday or monday I'm going to have to go to my original school for about the first week and then either go to "D" for the rest of the year.


What am I going to tell everyone when I go.
And what am I going to tell everyone when I leave!

And what if I don't leave and I stay and they thought I was leaving?!

Right now all I can do is keep my mouth shut until further noticed, but nothing is making any sense.

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