Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Research Paper

I just got back from CPT; I still have to do some homework so I'm gonna make this quick.

Since I had a "panic attack" (a migraine and the need to throw up, which I guess isn't really a panic attack :/ I'm lame) on Monday, I ended up missing my English class and couldn't do the beginning of the research paper. My teacher's cool so after I told him I had CPT he said I could turn it in on Monday. So I chose the topic of the insanity defense. I asked Debbie about it, since she's got majoring in psychology (as well as English Lit.) and knows about those things. I had to ask her because I really had no idea in what side to chose, and after reading somethings online I was leaning towards "not valid."

Debbie, though, said in the email

"Insanity is a very valid defense. Mentally ill people need treatment, not punishment.

There's this idea people have that if you plead insanity, you get off. The truth is you get to serve...awhile in a mental institution to seek treatment. For the heinous crimes, you're basic stuck there the rest of your life anyway. "

And she told me about how the evaluation for insanity is and recommended I do some more research on it. I think it makes perfect sense, plus she concluded it with:

"Helping people is much more important than punishing them"

So I'll be writing from that perspective. It should be easy now, so I'll research some cases and more on the evaluation. Hopefully it doesn't burn me out. (Either way, I like that last line that Debbie said. I could make my character quote her xDDD)

I'm starting a Trig chapter in my math class tomorrow, and I'm kind of freaked out because I can't find the book, so after I find more info on the thing I'll have to look for it.

Oh, and as for Debbie's short story, I thought it was awesome and so did the people I sent it too. At the beginning I thought I had the story figured out, but she tricked me (well...everyone xD) very cleverly. It was a great story in my opinion :D.


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