Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I kept forgetting to update, and school is continuing to kill me. I got into CPT classes and they've already cancelled it twice. How am I suppose to pass the math test without a calculator? I'll learn all the formulas they want, algebra's always been pretty and straightforward like that, but no calculator?

I should probably memorize all the multiplication tables again and learn how to multiply with fractions again O_o. I'm so used to writing decimals. Also, I won't be doing the Gamer Girl thing. It had annoying moments, but I re-read it and it wasn't as bad as I remembered. Cliched and wall-banger-worthy, at times, but there's character development. That's nice :D (scraping the bottom of the barrel here)

Also, in psychology class, my classmates kept talking and my teacher got angry, and so gave us a 20 page report. It started with 10, but they wouldn't shut up. He said life wasn't fair when we complained and I had to hold back to tell him that didn't mean it had to be unjust. I flipped out in the car after CPT (this was a week ago, I think) and my dad said not to worry. At the very least, I could copy and paste and add BS in the middle. I even asked Debbie, because I had a topic in mind that would help for my scifi story too, and it got pretty good. Thing was, I didn't know what specifically we were suppose to talk about. So I emailed him, asking him about it and he wrote back:


Then turns out I was the only one that had asked him what the hell we were suppose to do, so because of that I saved the class. No one had asked him expect for me, and no one did the paper anyways, so we got saved. Yay! I got to be a hero. After that, not much happened. Except for the house thing with my parents. Bloody economy. Then...

I updated my fanfiction, formated my sci fi story while adding more chapters, studied a little for classes, and am currently finishing a video for my best friend's birthday. I won't get to do much since I should start studying for finals, but I don't feel as afraid as...yesterday.

I freaked out so much about everything I actually got sick O_O

That's life,

P.S: I just got a magazine from Debbie where she got her short story published. She keeps saying it's lame, but I'm gonna prove her wrong xD.

Anime: Samurai Champloo
Movie: Kick Ass (which...kicked ass. Yeah, I know, that joke is overused xD)
Book: The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger
Mood: Peaceful (for now O_o)
Listening to: Birds singing, cars driving, and MSN alerting me.
SciFi novel word and page count: 113,802 words and 188 pages (The pages are little because I formated it differently xD).
Planning to write: Some day soon :)

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  1. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Ahh, I need to read that book and see Samurai Champloo cause the music rocks!

    And I totally don't remember that. Huh.


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- Carl Sagan, in his message to future explorers of Mars.