Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Roger Ebert

He's a great man. I love his movie critiques and mostly always agree with them.

Say what?

Should I pick shitty films and say cinema is a disgrace to human minds? That's what it felt like he did. I'll admit, I couldn't go through the entire article, but comeeeeeee on.


Personally, I agree with you. At the age of 45 I've just started to play my first MMORPG and it is anything but art. It's a game. I don't play it to achieve some sort of greater understanding of humanity - I play it so I can get my mind off the drudgery of my day. That's not art - it's entertainment. (And you of all people know there's a difference.)

Some one in the comments said that. Great video games--like all forms of art--help you sit down and think. Just look at the tittles I mentioned above. I just LOVE how all video games are simply chunked down into one category by people who don't know jack shit.

There are good video games, there are bad video games. Some are art, some others are just crap.

*sigh* The rest of the comments defend this waaaaaay better. I could barely read through it so I'm sorry.

And because I loved this next article, here's what said about it.


P.S: Still freaking studying. Should not have taken a break.

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  1. Anonymous8:03 PM

    That was they guy that said video games weren't art? Man, if someone said something like that these days they would get blitzkrieg-ed to death.


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