Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yet another quick update...

So I did good on the Drama quiz/test/whatever it was, but now I have a quiz tomorrow in History, a quiz on Friday for science, and I'm anxious about psychology and math.

In math she gave us a worksheet of 11.4 since our teacher wasn't there, and since we weren't too sure about it, I just KNOW she's gonna get pissed tomorrow at us. And in psychology, well, he posted something on the website about a presentation on Friday, but he hasn't assigned any groups or who's suppose to do what module. He's gonna kill us tomorrow.

Plus we got a shit-load of homework for English because of the research paper. The Insanity Defense thing is interesting, but this outline is gonna make me commit suicide.

And on next Monday, not only do I have to take ANOTHER drama quiz (or is that on Friday?) I also need to take one for Psychology.

I'm deaaaaaaaaaaaad. How am I suppose to get my grades into straight A's this semester when I couldn't even do that the last 3 semesters and they were the easy ones.

Aahaoidaslbew uhfsad lawreoafhakrhhrwaopw awed.

Finished my History homework, now I'm gonna do a little of my English one and review for psychology and drama while I render the video for my best friends birthday.

Guess I won't be writing Broken till the Holy Summer comes :P

I hope Debbie doesn't get disappointed...and I hope my reviewers don't ditch me.

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- Carl Sagan, in his message to future explorers of Mars.