Sunday, September 5, 2010

I really SHOULD continue writing First Impressions

So a few weeks back...or well, months back in summer I decided to start writing a script for a reconstruction of american high school movies and shows. So we've got the common-average new girl, Amy, the tough jock girl who needs to prove herself to the guys, Scar, the jock meat head who doesn't care about anything, Ryan, the flamboyant one, Mike, the weirdo, bubbly art freak, Kate (my friend, Emily, is drawing her with bubble pink hair and rainbow eyelashes xD), the libby, queen of school, Isabella, her minions, hot boyfriend, Zac, and the freak, emo who wishes to express his "deepest and darkest of his soul" into art, Sean.

So I have the pilot down, and I was going to start on the second one. I think I'll be able to finish as soon as I figure out what the hell is the plot of this story O.o

Or maybe I'll just make it up as I go along.

See yah!

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