Thursday, October 21, 2010

On Gay Marriage

So today...interesting college class >.>

For homework last week, I had to read two articles and answer questions about them. The articles were called "Adam and Steve - Together at Last" and "A Case Against Marriage."

Both articles were actually very well written, especially "A Case Against Marriage" because it didn't bail out and use the common "IT'S AGAINST GOD!" argument. In fact, the writer argued against such a thing.

So today in my English class, our teacher asked us who was against gay marriage. She wrote down the names, and then divided us into groups. Each group had 6 people, 3 for gay marriage, and 3 against. But here's the thing...she wrote down names of those that were against, and put them pro....and vise versa.

Now I got lucky. I actually got put in pro and was beaming and laughing in Silvia's face because she got put in against and we're both pro-gay marriage. But as soon as we were suppose to be getting in our groups, I remembered Carla, who's been sort of my math-buddy and has given me a lot of advice. She's pro...and gay.

Guess what view point she had to argue for?

As I passed her, I saw she was pale, but I went to sit down either way, even as she mumbled "against" when I asked her what side she got put on. In my group, my two partners were against, and they had no idea what to argue for. Me? I was jotting down ideas in two seconds flat.

Then I hear them talking. "What's wrong with Carla?" one of them asks, I turn around and see her. She's standing by the teacher's desk, her face is red, and she's crying.

Carla has already told me that gay marriage is sort of a very emotional issue for her, but to have her argue for the opposing side? It was killing her, and I could see it. Carla's gone through a lot of shit, and her sexuality isn't really the main cause of all her problems.

So I hear my name getting called from the teacher's side. My effing foot gets stuck in the side of the chair, but I jump up and run there. They tell me to switch sides and take Carla's place so she can argue for yes. I'm nodding and saying, "Yeah, sure, yeah, it's okay, Carla. You can go there, so yeah, yeah,"

(That's how I talk >.>)

So anyways, now, Silvia can laugh in my face because me and her are stuck in Against Gay Marriage. Thing was, she wasn't in my group, but me and her were standing there with Jennifer just trying to think of argument points. Jen is in debate, so she used that to her advantage. Describe the term, and start with bullet points on that.

We knew everyone was going to use the against religion/affects children/should be private, not public/etc argument points. Since they're such bullshitty arguments (not to mention really easy to shoot down) we had to think of something else.

We went to the approach of "We're not against gays, just don't marry."

It's what I said anyways. I said that they could do what they wanted, whether public or private. Jen came up with another point, and it became our main arguing point. They can have all the benefits of marriage when together, and in fact, they could have an institution were they are joined legally for the benefits. Yet in the eyes of the church and state, the gays wouldn't be married.

And when we presented our case (especially when we said this had nothing to do with the church, and how we didn't care what gays did) the rest of the group just started blinking...a lot. One of the seniors couldn't even figure out if we were going on the for or against.

The way Jen was speaking, it was almost believable, simply because she's charismatic like that. just didn't make sense.

I mean, it's so stupid. Being in the argument made me realize that there's just no possible way to argue against gay marriage. And I was trying. Honest to god trying to figure it out. Not because I'm against gay marriage, but because I wanted to win the argument (that's just the type of person I am...)

But I couldn't.
  • You can't argue with religion, because just as the bible has some good ideas, it has stupid as hell rules, some--no, most even downright inhumane.
  • You can't say the nation was founded with Christian values, because not all the Founding Fathers were Christian. Besides, separation of church and state anyone?
  • You can't say it would affect children, because not only is there no actual research that proves such a thing, with that point of view, then everyone should be straight, because almost nobody has gay parents (so really, explain how gay kids come out of families with straight parents?). 
  • You can't say it's because marriage is about having children, because it's not like infertile people are denied marriage. 
  • You can't say people would marry as gays to gain the benefits, because you don't need gay marriage for people to attempt to trick the state; they can do that with regular marriage. 
  • You can't say it would make others uncomfortable, because as Kimberly (a classmate) mentioned, she hates it when people bite their nails. That doesn't mean there should be a law against it. Are we really so egotistical and selfish that we're suppose to scream "ME! ME! ME! I DON'T WANT TO SEE GAY PEOPLE!" and deny the rights to a human being?
  • You can't say children who are adopted will be bullied in school for having gay parents, because that's like taking the bullies side. You're technically telling the bullies that they're right and should bully anyone who's gay or has gay guardians because it's "wrong."
  • You can't say you're protecting the gay, because pulling a double standard and denying them rights does not in any way make it good. Just like the bully example, you're as right as the ones trying to cause physical harm on someone that's homosexual.
  • You can't say it would damage tradition, because tradition has been damaged plenty of times (arranged marriages are uncommon, blacks and whites can marry now, etc.)
  • You can't say marriage is purely about religion, because that's bullshit. As mentioned in "Adam and Steve - Together At Last" even if you marry in a church, you still need to go to city hall and get the effing paper.
And that's There's just no logical reason for against. I'm wondering how it's even possible to still fight against the issue and not let gay people marry.

I should also mention Carla argued with such passion when it was her turn O.o it was very epic of course, but it looked like she was about to start decapitating some heads xD.

On other news, I got a 92 on my Midterm for the college class. It was good BUT I STILL HAVE TO BEAT SILVIA AND RAUL!

And I day >:D

"Science and science fiction have done a kind of dance over the last century... The scientists make a finding. It inspires science fiction writers to write about it, and a host of young people read the science fiction and are excited, and inspired to become scientists...which they do, which then feeds again into another generation of science fiction and science..."
- Carl Sagan, in his message to future explorers of Mars.