Monday, May 30, 2011

Another Day Studying

GHA! Dx I forgot I had my background on shuffle and when I turned on my computer a little while ago, I had a picture of Elle Fanning--the actress I use to represent my character Dream--staring blankly at me, laying completely still and doll-like.

It scared the crap out of me.

This is the picture:

It comes out a bit pixalated since I have to reduce the size.
The actual picture is bigger, just right click on it and you'll see the epicness...

It's currently on my background, staring at me >_>'
Or's surrounded by a bunch of electronic sticky notes and that kind of kills the effect, but she's still stariiiing at me O_O. And seeing as how Dream keeps getting creepier with her River Tam/Luna Lovegood vibes as well as her own developing...creepiness (I need to go to Dx), that picture's making me shuffle uncomfortably.

You'd think I have better things to worry about than my character staring at me the fact the next week is finaaaals and after that I can be FREE AGAIN! :D

For...a week at least...then it's back to college classes. Plus, I have to take spanish online and do some community service work AND work on a summer project for my AP American History class. And maybe...y'know...get this thing...what's it called--oh yeah. A job.

Oh boy O_o

The only good thing is next year I won't have English since it gets taken out so I can have room for MORE college classes. I'll miss having an English class, but the last time I learned anything was 7th grade. After that, I'm not exactly sure what English teachers are suppose to be teaching...

That sounds conceited, doesn't it? Dx

On a last, stupid note, have I mentioned I wince every time I look at a skinny person's ribs? I'm watching a James Bond film with my dad and one of the women is walking around in a bathing suit (I know, I know: why wouldn't she? She's a BOND GIRL! D:). She's not exactly underweight, but when she leans back, I can see the outline of her ribs. Just...ghaaaa. I know these girls have better bodies than I'll ever have, but that kind of thing makes me wince so much O_e


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  1. Anonymous8:18 PM

    My ribs tend to be bizarrely protruding so I can scare you to death bwahaha


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