Sunday, May 29, 2011

Slender Man and Lolita

I think I'm growing insanely obsessed with The Slender Man stories O_o' I read the first mythos two nights ago at FIRST and then quickly turned my attention elsewhere so I could get some sleep and not freak out every time I heard something tap against my window. Although this one picture of him with children and the like caused me to freak out enough (and it freaked out a couple of my friends when I showed it to them. I should know better than to scare an eleven year old with such a thing >_>). All of yesterday I read on TV tropes all about him, as well as some of the fictional blogs. My favorite had to be Seeking Truth, which I finished last night before moving onto the sequel. Squee!

It took me a while to figure out that Slendy wasn't some urban legend and instead was createdon the SomethingAwful forums (as in, it took me a while because I was stupid enough not to go check Wiki right away). Still freaked me out a bit, and I did have trouble sleeping.

Random other thought: I was thinking...There's something about the name Dolores that's so appealing. I've started using Lolita as my internet name, the nickname for Dolores as you might know, and it seems only a few people seem to understand what I'm referring to. My eleven year old friend Carp (the same one I freaked out with Slendy. Honestly, we spend a good ten minutes telling each other "HE'S TOTALLY FAKE! HE CAN'T COME AFTER US! DX") thought I meant the Japanese style. In fact, her exact words were around, "Old fashioned, good mannered person." So:

While I actually meant the obvious:

Not that she knew the origins of the term "Lolita" in the first place >_>'

But still, it's the name that's so appealing. Dolores. Pain. Dolly, a variation of a nickname, as well as just Doll. And then Lo and Lolita, iconic from the beginning. Rounded character of a brat, a tease, and yet in the end, just a twelve year old girl. She wasn't an angel, but she sure as hell didn't deserve what happened to her.

Besides, Vladimir Nabokov said he was the reason no one called their daughters Lolita anymore. I...half... subverted that...yeah...not really >_>'

I'd never dress in the style though. I love Lolita clothing, but I could never wear that stuff. It seems too heavy for me Dx.

~ Becky.

P.S: ARGH! I hate formatting for the pictures. It always takes me for-e-ver to get it to fit right Dx...

...and that's what she said.


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