Sunday, June 5, 2011

BBQ, First Impressions to the public, and tiny short thoughts on 3D films.

The BBQ at Gaby's house was actually pretty epic. There must have been at least 12 of us, and for the first couple of hours or so, most of us (not me, though. I can't seem to ever come near Wii games, not sure why) played Super Smash Brothers Brawl. There was a lot of screaming, so after a while Kitty, Gaby, Carol, and Natasha hid in Gaby's room and didn't allow anyone in. They let me at some point, but I was only there for a bit before I took a hat and a teddy bear wearing a Dave & Buster's shirt o.o'

There was a bit of walking around the neighborhood before that, although it was just me, Kitty, Gaby, Charlie, Marisela, and Grandpa. We found a cute little kitten that warmed up to us soon and started purring and walking around us as we pet her. Kitty was just having a lasting difficulty in trying to take a picture of her. (Or at least, we assumed it was a girl).

Somewhere when nighttime hit we were sitting outside, or just part of us were, traumatizing my little brother with typical teenager-ish talk. Prank calls began at 9 p.m, and with Marisela doing the most ridiculous voice in the world, and yet keeping up the scenario without breaking stride, it was hilarious. So overall, we had a good time. There's something more appealing about Gaby's small BBQs than the crazy party I went to at Jen-Jen's house. I'm sure people had fun there, but because I don't dance, all I did was hide with Silvia and Ren behind the house and talk about...things >.>'

Also, I signed up for Wattpad somewhere at one in the morning last night (yeah... >_>) and though it's pretty empty right now, I posted the first chapter of First Impressions on it. It doesn't really have any comments or "likes" but it says it has reads. I doubt it would become popular, but I don't mind too much. I should get use to writing things not very many people read about Dx

Here's ze link!

Right now, watching another movie with my family. The fourth Resident Evil. It was on instant play on Netflix, so we decided we might as well watch it. It's incredibly painful to watch movies that were made purely for 3D viewing in regular 2D. I'm sure in 3D one can stare in awe at the flying knives, but in 2D, the lingering shot looks plain ridiculous. Why do producers decide this? If you want your film to be 3D, fine, even though it looks quite odd to me, but to make a movie purely for 3D makes me facepalm. Even if half the population disliked--or adored--Avatar, we could all at least agree it was visually stunning. I saw it without 3D and was never once bombarded with terrible shots or over the top attempts to make things fly to the screen.

Gha! I don't even know why it bothers me. It's difficult to enjoy the action scenes when I'm busy complaining in my head about the 3D.

"Please wait..."

"Last words?"

WHAT THE HELL MAN?! DX As if those glasses and suit didn't make you look clich├ęd enough, are you seriously going to be the stupid guy that could have ended things but decided to give the hero a chance to escape. Ghaaaa! What the hell is up with stupid bad guys?

I guess there's one reason I watch these movies: Just one woman,  all alone, kicks some ass.

You can't go wrong with that formula, rightr


EDIT: Nevermind. I was wrong. Apparently you can go wrong >_>'

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  1. Avatar was actually shot in 3D which is why it didn’t look like crap, but most movies are shot normally and then hastily converted into 3D. It’s all such a blatant scam, I’m still waiting for them to start releasing 3D romantic comedies.


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