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Finally finished finals week ( privilaged Dual Enrollment kids did. Other students have to take the 7th period exam on Monday. Hehe, I haz no 7th or 8th period. WOOT!). On a serious note: srsly need to study more next year O_o' Like I don't think I failed anything, but there is no way to trust state tests, so if might as well study every little bit of information ever given to me through out the year and NEVER trust a study guide. As I was walking around school today--both the middle and high school--I could hear people saying/asking:

"Is it like the study guide?"

"Dude, that test was NOTHING like the study guide!"

That wasn't even an answer to a question, I just heard those both in separate occasions, all the time, and got it.

So yesterday morning we got bombarded with an attempt to make us miss the parting seniors (capital or no capital). There was an apararent table interview in which the camera panned around in a circle to show senior students as they answered questions about the year (none which we could even understand, btw. The AC was louder than them).

This was the morning announcements, of course, and towards the very end, the editors of the video decided to beat the shit out of an already abused song—Green Day's Time of Your Life. Uggggh. (Also, note from TV Tropes: "Green Day's "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" is very commonly heard at weddings, graduations, and other important ceremonies. But the song was written when Billie Joe Armstrong was breaking up with his girlfriend. So the song is a break-up song, but is used to denote love. This confusion is likely due to the lyrics (which by themselves do not express the intended meaning very well) and the predictable habit of radio stations of calling the song "Time of Your Life," since the "actual" title does not appear in the lyrics. Word Of God is that the song was meant to be bittersweet, not sarcastic. Oh yeah >_>)

All it had was a bunch of clips of seniors going, “We're gonna miss you guys!” Some were making fun of it, pretending they were crying, others...I swear, I think one of the girls was about to start weeping. My homeroom was doing a collective eye roll and pointing out just how much the makers of the video failed at drama. I don't particularly have anything against end-of-the-year videos, but forcing nostalgia upon people always backfires. Nostalgia isn't a feeling that's suppose to be forced, it's suppose to come naturally, and Time of Your Life worked once, stop fucking abusing it already =w=

The end of the year video I made for 8th grade had the song "Dead!" by My Chemical Romance. This were part of the lyrics, in case you don't know:


And if your heart stops beating

I'll be here wondering

Did you get what you deserve?

The ending of your life

And if you get to heaven
I'll be here waiting, babe
Did you get what you deserve?
The end, and if your life won't wait
Then your heart can't take this

Does it sound like something to use for the ending video to middle school? Hell no! But the tone of the song was upbeat, crazy. I was obsessed with My Chemical Romance back then, and I could have used the well known "teenagers" song. But that seemed to easy. Too boring. And towards the end of Dead! There's an entire segment where all Gerard Way sings is "Lalalalalalala!" and yet it's the best part of the song.

Here was the video:

The entire Shampoo Commercial is more nostalgic to me than anything else. It's not entirely good, I know. It's messy, thrown around, etc. But for me, and hopefully my friends, it worked to make us think about 8th grade and at least smile slightly.

So I've been thinking about making a video for this year, but I wouldn't be entirely sure why. It's not really senior year in the first place, and yet for some reason, this was a good year, it was fun, and even if I've been complaining about simple things, I really did like it.

Maybe I could just make a video every year...

I should have had TV production. Too bad us rejected Scholars kids can't have electives OR an English class next year O_o'

Aside from that, the morning announcements also played a bit of "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" by Jet while showing creative ways girls were asked out to prom. Most of the time guys stood with banners that said "[INSERT NAME HERE] GO TO PROM WITH ME?" It was kind of sweet :P

And on other news, today: BBQ at Gaby's. I might take pictures and post what happened later.

Or...maybe make a video with clips from it? Who knows xP

P.S: New Summer Glau with someoneepicelse piccy! Remember to click on it for better view :3
It was for a friend of mine for this RP of ours. She wants her character Auralee (Ellen Page)
to be with my character River (Of COURSE Summer Glau xD) so I made a
tiny picture of them for inspiration. Huzzah!

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  1. Anonymous8:20 PM

    ...Am I the only one that never got into My Chemical Romance? I don't think I listened to music when they were... er... en vogue.


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