Sunday, June 19, 2011

Obsessions Part 1 - Cult Films O_o

Before anything: So I was thinking (for like five minutes Dx) the reason all these sequels for popular video games are getting pumped out and announced might just be because the industry figured "oh heiz, we're technically in a recession aren't we? Let's go with what we know, milk [insert cashcow franchise here] for all its worth, and avoid all flying rotten tomatoes thrown by our previously dearest fans."

Although that might just work for a few of them...

Gha, I really have no idea why this is suddenly sequel year(s), but this rationalizing thing might work to keep us all (or just me Dx) from stabbing 343 and the like >_>'

So anyways, it appears I've been lurking around reviews for bad movies for too long because my dad caught me talking about Cannibal Holocaust and immediately pulled a "first Showgirls and now this!? O_o" look on his face. Although on my defense, he didn't really object too much at me watching the latter film o.o

This obsession with cult films--or even just controversial films at that because the only reason I got to the whole "Pink Flamingos, Cannibal Holocaust, and anything else that makes insane men hurl" thing was because I was reading a list of banned movies in Wikipedia--has apparently proved deadly not to me but to friends of mine. For one thing, I didn't tell this dude I know to watch Cannibal Holocaust but he did it anyways and then came out with nightmares and the suspicion that the thing was secretly real >_>'. From what I heard, he isn't the only one in history to think so, since the film maker himself got thrown into court until he proved no one had actually died on the thing (except for the animals D:). I only managed to watch a clip at YouTube of the supposed real camera crew butchering a turtle before I went "wait--that turtle was real..."

Thank you, internet ._.
That was srsly my face

The Saw franchise might throw me into a laughing fit, but I couldn't get past the turtle in Cannibal Holocaust so I left it as that.

Still, I don't think it started with Cannibal Holocaust. Though I'm not sure this next one can be even labeled a cult film--seeing as how I think it was pretty successful when it came out--when my dad first mentioned Clockwork Orange when I was eleven years old I became obsessed with it. I wanted to know why it was such an ultra-violent film that was nevertheless praised, and even the poster made me wonder what kind of sick and twisted story it could have. I heard it had been banned for copycat violence in England I believe (might be wrong on this bit O.o) and that led me to find a film called the Warriors which truly was a cult film and had been banned in Boston (also for copycat violence).

(It was also around this point in time I learned about Lolita--both film and book, which, just like Clockwork Orange, I only got to read last holiday season).

Then Netflix put Showgirls on instant play and I asked my father if I could watch it, which he seemed perfectly fine with since he figured I might as well know good and terrible films (although he'd only rated Showgirls 3 stars there rather than 1, and I kind of agreed--although the rape scene and the resolution made me headdesk). Soon after I saw the Nostalgia Critic's review of The Room, and the rest is blurry memories of me trying to find out all about cult films while listening to Sweet Transvestite. 

My dad had showed me some of them so I managed to recognize a handful which were on my favorites like the Big Lebowski, Donnie Darko which I haven't seen YET but I have the DVD for, Plan 9 From Outerspace (which we saw one boring Saturday afternoon for the lulz :D), Blade Runner, Eraserhead (although this one I saw without his permission >_>' he wasn't too pleased xD), etc. Some--like Pink Flamingos--will only be in my knowledge because of the wonders of Wikipedia, and the rest that I haven't seen I'm hoping to watch for the pure, strange epicness.

I mean, I know a cult film can probably either be a lost gem or the shittiest thing in existence, but either way, my obsession with them shall continue 8D

On a side note, I just love how right next to the Cannibal Holocaust trailer on YouTube, right on the Related Videos part there was a "Ecuador Life at It's Purest!!" video.


yeah >_> There goes my home country's publicity.

~ Becky.

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