Saturday, July 16, 2011

End of Harry Potter

Alright, so I did cry at Harry Potter and The Deadly Hallows part 2. In fact, by the time I was out of the theater, my eyes felt puffy, my head was slightly throbbing, and I had a massive smile on my face. Though of course many were raging at the fact that there was a huge chunk of things missing, I'm not going to bother with that. The movie is not the book, and it can only convert so much. I loved it for what it was, and can honestly count the times I cried (mild spoilers to anyone that hasn't read the book or seen the movie--like my father, who hadn't read the book and was so in shock at everything it would have been amusing had I been able to pull away from the movie.) So I cried...

  1. Right at the title screen, man. Tears just started flowing out at the very fact this was the last time.
  2. Whenever that goddamn epic but saddening music started playing. Especially when...
  3. The Battle at Hogwarts, when Harry, Ron, and Hermione are just running in slight slow motion and instead of MEGA-EPIC music they play such a saddening melody and muffle the sound of the actual battle.
  4. When they find the dead of the battle right before Harry goes to the Pensieve.
  5. Snape's memories--GOD Snape's memories. As most already know, EVERYONE at the theatre was bawling their eyes out at this part, especially at the flashback of him finding Lily and little Harry crying.
  6. Only a little towards the end, but mostly because I had already done a lot of crying.

In any other movie or film series, I probably wouldn't have cried. I got a little teary eyed at the end of Halo 3--before the credits passed and revealed the Chief was alive and kicking--even if floating in the middle of space, but I've never cried this much at any movie--even the ones that are meant for never ending crying, like Grave of the Fireflies. And I know that sounds terrible, because Harry Potter is purely a fantasy about a world created in the mind of one woman, but I couldn't help it. It goes to show Harry Potter was just that much of an influence on me, as it was for other people. At the beginning, I was a bit down on the thought of there never being another Harry Potter movie (and it finally sunk in there would be no more books), but as it ended, I was almost glad. All good things must come to an end--or they just stop being good things o.o'

AH! And I just realized, it's almost Harry and J.K. Rowling's birthday @.@

My dad's looking at the picture of the premier...damn, even they were crying.

I was going to ramble on about this soundtrack I have in mind...but I'll end this here.

P.S: Changed my name again, now to Darth Lolita. I'd forgotten I could but now with Carp following the blog it seemed like the thing to do xD

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  1. Anonymous8:23 PM

    ...Wait, J.K.R. has the same birthday as Harry? Or just near it?

    I feel bad for being a movie non-cryer;it seems like it would be more impactful if a film could elicit a physical response from me.


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