Thursday, August 4, 2011

Writing Challenge!

So I was almost tricked by Emzy to make a new deviant art account and actually post some of my writing there for recognition since everywhere else people either don't read or just my friends do...or maybe person I don't know. And I was tempted. So tempted. Especially when I found this 100 themes challenge and was like "OH GAWD I SO HAVE TO TRY THAT WITH DREAM!"

But that's funny, why would I do that in a place where people can see and critique my incredibly flawed work when I can just dump all my hard work on this blog for all non-existent readers to see while procrastinating from something? So I shall start the challenge here, with Dream. And now that I think about...I haven't posted her profile up o.o'

Anyways, here's the link for the 100 Themes Challenge list (and pffft, this thing's like...from 2009 O.e I'm late to the party) and now...I'm going to list them anyways and then cross 'em off as I make them, so this shall be my most heavily edited post of all...hopefully. If I get through with all of them that is:

1. Names
2. Hardship
3. School
4. Opinion
5. Break Up
6. New Love
7. Alley
8. Riddle
9. You and Me
10. I Do
11. Secret
13. Colors
14. Cruel
15. Kings, Queens, and Jokers
16. Run Free
17. Where are the Crackers?
18. Life
19. R is for Revenge
20. Burning
21. Do You Want To Know?
22. Discovery
23. Birthday
24. Rocks Aren't the Same
25. Shadow
26. Fate
27. Freedom Isn't Free
28. Wildflowers
29. Energy
30. Notes
31. Numbers
32. Dying Fire
33. Breaking Point
34. Fish
35. Trapped
36. Dancing
37. Don't Go
38. Alone
39. Betrayal
40. Due Date
41. Sealed in Blood
42. Impossible
43. Party
44. Sparkle
45. Be a Man
46. Go For a Swim
47. Am I Dreaming?
48. Too Good To Be True
49. BAD
50. 50%
51. Elemental Tempest
52. Too Late
53. But I DIDN'T Do It
54. Hot
55. Optimism
56. Lucky 13
57. I'm In
58. Slightly Disturbed
59. Loathing
60. Worse
61. Speak
62. Toys
63. Ocean
64. Deceived
65. Black and White
66. Whatever
67. Death
68. Jump
69. Broken Promise
70. All the Little Things
71. Six Feet Underground
72. Bug
73. Alibi
74. On Holiday
75. No News
76. Under the Stars
77. Running Away
78. Window
79. Make Me Happy
80. Villain
81. Masquerade
82. Don't Make a Sound
83. Cold
84. Umbrella
85. Please
86. To and From
87. Say When
88. On Top of the World
89. Forgiveness
90. Mr. Mom
91. Doomsday Clock
92. Gold
93. Unstoppable
94. Race
95. Time is Running Short
96. Not Over Yet
97. This is Home
98. Almost
99. Tranquil
100. Peace at Last.
I'll probably just use short pieces for each, and since I'm going to use Dream for all of them (or, as the rules state, have her walking in the background in some of them if I ever need a break from her riddle-ness) I'll post her profile. I've used this character sheet for quite some RPs and then modified it as time goes on, so here it is:

Name: Esther "Dream" Paine.
Gender: Female
Age: Thirteen
Birth date: March 7th, 1998
Appearance: Dream is fairly tall for a girl her age, standing at towering 5'10, bordering to 5'11 in her boots, and growing. Her long blonde hair is tangled and dried, filled with dirt and just left to keep growing until she'll remember to finally chop it off one morning with a pair of rusty scissors. It could be said Dream would be considered a fairly pretty girl if she actually took some time to wash the grime off her face or wear some clean clothes. Sadly, that rarely seems to be the case. Her hands are also very rough and always dirty, combined with her bad habit of taking people by the hand and yanking them to someplace or other, this can get rather bothersome. Most prominent feature is three large scars across her face, caused to her with the claws of, let's say, done to her during what became known to her as 2010 Battle of Christmas Eve at the cabin. Often carries a redheaded ragdoll tied around her waist. (Played by Elle Fanning)

Personality: Dream is not someone extremely likable. Her expression is almost always blank, her mind twisting with ideas and thoughts, things she cannot express correctly and at times end up sounding simply like riddles--games played by the young girl. Even before her mind was broken, Dream was a little strange, although no more than any bored child, liking often to make up riddles for herself and tell them to people to answer. This was all in good fun often, and people played along every now and then. But this changed and her mind became basically structured in her riddles, codes, and philosophies. She began to questioning her own being and the world around her.
White dress worn when Spirit
wears a black one (Yin and Yang)

Dream is always in a, well...dream-like state. Her reactions or words may at times insult some people, causing a bit of alienation if she's not careful (and due to her at times impulsing nature, she isn't always careful). She wants to achieve things no one else has, as well as always secretly has been drawn to power. Maybe not herself in power, per say, but if someone is a leader, she will attempt to understand them above others.She is most comfortable with her friend Spirit*, whom she feels she can ramble and riddle on about without strange reactions, bored expressions, or annoyed sighs.

Powers: Ability to enter a person's subconscious during REM-sleep--a.k.a, when they're dreaming.

Skills: Can read micro-expressions and body language, so she'll know when someone is lying. Also has began training at hand to hand fighting--particularly muay thai fighting. Not very good yet, but trying and attempting to learn all she can.

And now it's time to wake up.

There's no history because that usually changes with the RP she's in, and her powers of entering dream only appear if there's the excuse for them O.e if not, tis just her skills and her riddles.

I shall have fun with this challenge 8D. Just...gotta ask Carp if I can use Spirit for some of them O.e

*Spirit (played by Isabelle Fuhrman) does not belong to me, she belongs to my friend Carpathia/Lyra (her blog where she's going to attempt this too :3)

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