Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Awkwardness FTW

So no less than a few minutes ago, I'm sitting here, studying for evil!AP American history, and working on Slendy blog when I get a call from Pai Mei. This doesn't usually happen, especially in the middle of the week, so I found it odd and answered the phone. Turns out he was walking to some...dorm...thing...place, with his friend. Who's planning the road trip with him. Who has briefly heard about me. Who got shoved the phone into his hand to say hi to me--the girl whom he's never met who lives all the way in Florida. Who had to hold a conversation with me because Pai Mei wouldn't take the phone back.

Alright, alright, I'm not being mean. Alex was actually very nice, and even though the phone had crap reception, the wind kept going SWOOSHSWOOSHSWOOSH, they had me on shitty loud speaker so they sounded like they were ten thousand miles away while arguing about whether or not the RV should be called "Awesome", and I had the most strange difficulty of trying to distinguish who was saying what (do 19 year old boys just sound the same at that point in time? When does the creepy deep voice come in for them?), it still sounded like the two of them had a good friendship. Plus their discussion about the RV and what briefly has been done for the trip (which I barely heard; SWOOSHSWOOSH remember?) at least makes it sound like they have their brains intact for this.

I'm like Sherlock Holmes, man. Deduced so much in less than five minutes of conversation -shot-. I still wish I hadn't sounded like such an idiot, though o_o' His first impression of me was probably along the lines of, "Who's this twelve year old little kid you called? Are you sure you didn't get the wrong number, man?"

._.' story of my life.

Anyways, so, I've been writing most of Hardship in school while lamenting about the evil work I have to get done. In every break, I go through about two minutes of self pity before writing as fast as possible every idea and scene that comes to mind--which at times means skipping sections of description I don't feel like doing at the moment. Woo~

Not sure when I'll be starting that Basic Eight script...maybe when I'm not hyperventilating about the periodic table and lead up to the American Revolution.

...man, I gotta watch John Adams again.

P.S: I just realized in Urban Dictionary, the example for Awkward Turtle has my name on it. It's like we're meant to be O_o

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