Monday, September 12, 2011

Script writing? Dragon, Dragon~

Doing economics homework, so I shall make this quick.

I don't think I've ever mentioned this, but aside from Lolita and A Clockwork Orange, it seems that my down right favorite book in my entire fifteen years of life has to be The Basic Eight, by Daniel Handler. And boy is it awkward, not in the sense that it's awkwardly worded and bad, but in the sense I find it both brilliant and a bit of an uncomfortable read at times (which nevertheless, I love, love, love). It's the one book I haven't necessarily let my brother read no matter how much he questions my strong attachment to it, and to the few who have read (seriously, I hardly hear of people knowing about it. Isn't that odd?) I'm sure you know why.

So I found a trailer for an apparent amateur movie made more than two years ago, found here, and got quite interested in that. The group seems to have worked very hard on the production of it, and even if there was a novice feel to it, I kept thinking and thinking about it. My experience in writing scripts is limited. I wrote a semi-tv show script for First Impressions, a couple scenes for the murder/adventure story with Whiskey and Rosegrave, and the first couple of pages of a pirate story I had working--video game style. For some reason, coming up with a plot for a movie or script just drains me completely. I can get mental images and scenes right, but the actual plot? My head just goes completely blank.

So maybe as a project of sorts, I'll try to write script for The Basic Eight in a purely fan made way (I'm not planning it to be good enough to be a movie, but still stick to the whole "taking out bits due to time constrain" to get the real feeling of it), and maybe post it along the way if it turns out good. I'm shooting for nothing more than two hours, but definitely not just 90 minutes. Maybe two hours and twenty minutes? Somewhere there?

I have to read scripts for that, and no, I won't be giving up on the 100 themes. Slowly but surely, I'm working on part 2, Hardship. I am going to finish this. After all, this isn't just for me. It's for Carp/Lyra, Spirit, and Dream, and I owe them three ( if you're counting real people xD) quite a lot already.

Anyways, new character bio, just because there's mention of him in Hardship. The format is different because this bio hasn't been modified much and still has its original foundation from when I first made it:

Name: Dragon
Age: 20 (Born December 21st) 
Gender: Male
Personality: Despite what's happened in his life and the things he's seen, Dragon wants to know if there's a bigger reason to everything. He struggles, he fights, he understand. He doesn't simply believe those who have caused him harm or brought him near to his death are sick and twisted. He wants to find out more about an organization that imprisoned him once, that has imprisoned many. If it's righteous, he will not hesitate to go back as a prisoner. If it's a terrible cause, he will do all he can to stop it. His determination and curiosity is the only think keeping him mentally alone and haunted, but he refuses to back down from his goal. Without it, he might go insane.

To those around him, Dragon appears like a trickster. A man who is never truly serious and always has a mischievous smile. In his own twisted and scarred mind, Dragon forces himself to look past his trauma and function like he's normal--like he's still just a boy. A clear goal, a clear fighting chance, a clear way to win this. He will lead some to the world of freedom--but if you wish to fight for him, speak up now, for he will lead 
an army one day to his cause.

Brief History: Like many of his time, there is more to Dragon than just the history presented in this point in time. Dragon has both aided and hurt people, saved and murdered, but all in all, has done it all to understand his origin and the world around him. He knows Dream though, that's an important part, as she is both his teacher and student, sister and stranger, enemy and friend.

Powers: Healing, although the healing itself is ten times more painful than whatever happened to you. It reconstructs cells, tissues, etc, and at times needs to be taken from someone else--like Dragon--and then transferred to someone else. Of course, the type of cells must be similar. Eukaryotic to eukaryotic, etc.
Skills: Is quite the fast runner, although he can only do small, quick bursts. Stamina is not on his side.
Yes, that's the Assassin's Creed model.
It just looked too cool to ignore >.>'

Appearance: Dragon stands at about 5'9¼" with a lean built and a bit of muscle. Possibly the most recognizable trait of him is that he has several burn marks over his face, tracing around him from years of fighting. If he ever takes his shirt off (or all of his clothes for that matter) one can see that among the several scars he has collected over the years, the oldest one--and most prominent--are the scars that he acquired from old burns. The burned skin is often quite ugly and almost decaying-looking. This was all after fighting several times against a being that had the ability to control and create fire. Dragon killed said person after 2 years of constant, brutal fighting, and so the School allowed him to take the opponent's name for himself.
His attire is very simple, shirt, pants, shoes, a jacket, although strangely, he has been often seen carrying around a teddy bear, a crumbled up photograph, and a plague doctor mask. If questioned, he will point out all these things are gifts of the young blonde girl.

On last notes, Slendy blog is doing good so far. Nothing crazy at first, then the madness shall grow. Also, saw the September 11 memorial on Sunday. We sat through the reading of the names until they ended the transmission and my mother even cried. Then there was that moment, near nighttime, when Pai Mei told me he was celebrating his youngest brother's birthday, who was turning ten that day.
Needless to say, it took me a full five minutes to make the connection. Ain't I smart?


P.S: Heh, in looking for The Basic Eight cover picture, I found this. That's quite interesting xD. Although I never quite pictured Flan as Jodelle Ferland, even though it could work. Selena Gomez as the glamorous Natasha Hyatt, though? No way! I'm not denying the actress isn't beautiful but...I don't know. Natasha doesn't seem like a Selenz Gomez to me. I'm trying to think of someone who could be as glamorous and femme fatale-ish as Natasha, so maybe if I come up with someone good while writing the script (or even after), I'll fiddle around and post a cast last. Woo~


  1. That's cool, broski! :D You should totally make it a short film or something. -shot-

    100 themes. Awww yea. I did not drop those in favor of Aislin and Clive-Spirit-Dream, whatchoo talkin' 'bout, gurl...


  2. Anonymous8:26 PM

    I will admit that is really not how I would picture someone that goes by the name of 'Dragon'


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