Friday, June 29, 2012

Prose Filled but Horribly Empty

I've gotten into a couple of arguments with what's-his-face in the past, but it seems to be getting worse. I've called him selfish for not being capable of understand that there are people in economic need, who need just a little bit of help so they don't starve on the streets. Wanting people to have a chance to survive is not a communist idea. He's called me a socialist (what a surprise) and says that he doesn't think it's fair that they're forcing him to pay for other people's laziness (his bloody words). And then he tells me he's been poor and no one helped his family.

Uh-huh. Well I became a legal U.S citizen despite being an immigrant. I guess that means I have the right to shit upon anyone who didn't have the life I did and is struggling with becoming a legal American.

This exchange took place just today (via text message--and yes, spelling, smiley faces, and grammar fails are included)

Him: If wholeheartedly wishing to put myself and loved ones before the wellbeings of others makes me selfish, than i am a selfish person. I swear on my Lord and Lady to allow all others die before i let my children die before their time. This life is prescious to me for it is mine and mine alone. Those who touch it in positive ways are also precious. One cannot care for a phantom.

Me: It's a bit childish to see compassion and empathy as being the same things as total sacrifice of yourself and your loved ones. 
Oh sorry, you were being deep and pwning me and stuff. Ahem.  Oh woe, you are correct! How dare I not see that your family is in its ruins and you cannot even THINK about the pain of others, for you are in such greater despair.

I'm not a perfect person by any means. I'm annoying, self-centered, lazy, dramatic, over emotional, nice to strangers and blunt to family and friends, and really, really, really naive. But if I got anything out of writing Dream for two years and her constant "Wake up, open your eyes and see the sky" it's that a little bit of compassion is one of the most noble qualities a person can posses.

I'm kind of a shit at it, but at least I don't believe other's lives are as perfect as mine. Not everyone gets the same luck.

Oh and happy birthday, mum :D You don't read this blog, but I know of your sacrifices and your great compassion--and I probably would be as much of an asshat as the boy mentioned above if you hadn't taught me better.

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