Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sonya and Caesar

I've had this two in mind for a while. Purple, pixie haired Russian woman wearing cargo pants and a green long-sleeved shirt that stops just above her belly button* crashes into the window of a Native American foster kid. And she doesn't have a name.

This is what I've gathered so far from a few conversations that pop into my head while listening to the Nine Inch Nails pandora station:
  • The two seem to like Johnny Cash music. (This goes first! :P )
  • Caesar is thirteen years old while Sonya is in her early thirties, probably thirty-three.
  • Caesar is 5'5 (he's still growing) while Sonya is 5'8½ (making her my fifth tallest female character).
  • Sonya has a type of standard, supernatural power, not sure what it is yet (telekinesis? precognition of the future?)
    • Caesar might have one as well.
  • Caesar seems to act as the more mature one most of the time, with Sonya being a little bit of a childlike grown woman. That's why it surprises him when she grows serious, angry, and intimidating when the two are in danger.
  • Sonya actually rides a green motorcycle, not a blue one as I previously imagined.**
  • Sonya also seems to be fairly adept at hand to hand combat. She does't like using guns, however.
  • ...this is odd, but Sonya never ever wears shirts that cover her belly button. Her stomach is always exposed, and she dislikes skirts, dresses, (tight or skinny) jeans, and shorts. Her hair is also a purple pixie-cut combed to the side. (I stole it from one of Commander Shepard's hairstyles in ME3 >.>)
And that's what I have O_o'

[EDIT: Removed the conversation here. A lot of the interactions and facts changed when I fleshed out Ataraxia--and had it set in the future instead of the present. Still, I did love hearing these two.

Also, I just love that after all this, Lilith uses a yellow Suzuki motorcycle].

*I have no clue why her outfit was so clear in my mind >____>' I'm so lame.
  • Redemption's Yamazaki Hitomi: Black motorcycle (although I don't think she technically gets a motorcycle till Salvation. Not that it mattered, because that one was only planned rather than written >_>) 
  • Kim: Red motorcycle 
  • Rosegrave: Violet motorcycle 
  • Dream (in the future): Light blue motorcycle. 
  • Sonya: Green motorcycle (best driver out of the bunch).
...I should probably give a guy a motorcycle soon o.O It seems I'm forgetting about them. I'll research and post up the types of motorcycles soon-ishly :3

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