Monday, July 30, 2012


AHHHHH! Don'thavesomuchtimeleftwon'tgettowriteinafewdaysandthenforafewweeksgottafinishgottafinishsomuchtodo

I'm freaking out.

Also, would this be considered offensive? Get me in trouble?

            Dream felt a shiver bolt down her spine and she looked away. “Amadeus, why are those that take their own lives disliked in Enkindle so much?”
            “Why? You mean, aside from being vile?”
            “Why are they vile, Amadeus?”
            “They are cowards! Selfish! They do not think of the harm they inflict on others and do not have the—how was it said?—the guts to fight for a better life-”
            “That sounds like stuff humans would say,” Dream interrupted, then placed three fingers against her lips as she realized she’d cut off him mid-sentence, “Sorry.”
            “Well of course they’re words humans would say!” Amadeus exclaimed, “Humans have said them, and they are most justified. Once the words reached us, it was logical to adapt them.”
            Although she wished to continue checking the caskets, Dream stood there stone frozen by perplexity, “You hate them…because we do?”
            Amadeus opened his mouth, as he had been accustomed to doing, ready to answer before Dream had even drawn breath, and yet he stopped, stumped completely before saying, “Well no, of course not, silly girl! It’s far more complicated than that! Besides, do you not agree with me? Do you not agree that ending one’s life is selfish and the way of cowards?”
            There was no immediate answer that she could give. Dream tried to separate herself from others who had come to Enkindle in the same manner that she had. In a way, she tried to see them the way Amadeus saw them, she could not. Taking’s one life, without knowing of Enkindle, without the goal of returning, seemed to be a terrifying thing to do, but selfish? The way of cowards? She could not see it. Did one’s own life not belong to oneself but to the people, and therefore ending it meant snatching something away from others? Such a thing confused her, and though she would not believe choosing death was courageous, she could not see it as being the other extreme either. “Not really,” she finally answered, “It just seems like a choice.”
            “A horrible, most despicable-!”
            “No,” she interrupted again, although she did not feel the need to apologize for it this time, “Sad, maybe, but just a choice.”
      Amadeus halted in a way utterly foreign to the manner in which he had been conducting himself. “You are a strange one,” he mumbled, and for the first time in her life, Dream felt ever so slightly offended at the comment.

Or maybe the wording, syntax, etc, is just so damn awkward no one will care and instead just stamp a huge THIS IS STUPID over my submission form.

I'mma take lotssss of pictures and videos of Ecuador to edit and then show off to Carpathia. Because yeh.

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