Tuesday, August 28, 2012


And here we properly illustrate how many ways can I injure Dream in one bloody novella:

Main character, Esther "Dream" Paine, has been subjected to:
  • A fall of thousands of feet that broke all her bones and tore her skin--eventually to be mended on the spot!
  • Crazy crows that bit and maul her hand!
  • Branches, twigs, and rocks that attacked her only bare foot when running through the violet forest!
  • Acidic droplets of a red mass that boiled and melted little parts of her skin!
  • The ever-unforgettable dragon nose-punch to the bloody chest.
  • The erupting of fire against her lower back, claiming parts of her skin!
  • A battle in a glass-forest that resulted in TENS OF THOUSANDS OF CUTS AND BRUISES
  • Once again crashing the thousands of feet in the air--AGAIN TO BE MENDED ON THE SPOT!
  • Punching oneself on the face by punching out the grandfather clock that mirrors you!
  • And so much more!
And I probably missed some.
Not to mention the fact that Dream started the story with THREE HUGE SCARS ACROSS HER FACE. And about a dozen random cuts and bruises. And that was before she leaped in front of a train and wrecked her whole body so she could die.

Oh gawd, I'm messed up. Gotta tone it down.

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