Friday, September 7, 2012

The Plan

  • Finish Enkindled With Chains
    • Send to contests and stuff
    • Plan possible sequel/prequel/spin-off, where the antagonist of EwC is the lead protagonist of new story.
  • Write Spin-off
    • Different genre?
    • Characters
      • Rhyme and Reason - dealer
      • Legion - demon
      • Storm - demon
      • Uh...possible fallen angel...wait, nope. Gotta plan Archangel better.
    • Different feeling.
  • Rewrite The Night Kingdom and/or the pirate story.
  • Slowly apply to UF, USF, FSU, UNF, UCF, University of Iowa*, University of New York*, and FIU.
    • Get rejected out of all because...
      • I never joined any clubs till...this year.
      • My grades have been dropping from As and Bs to all Bs and two I don't want to name
      • My GPA is bleh, in the B pile.
      • Therefore, my weighted GPA is also bleh, probably at four point something rather than the 5.0 I used to have.
      • My SAT is horrible--or at least, my math one is. Or at least, NOT GOOD ENOUGH to outshine everything else.
      • My ACT will surely suck
      • All my teachers hate me/don't care for me/know and think I'm lazy, therefore I'll get crap recommendation letters.
      • I only have one good thing to my name: the silver key award from The Gift.
        • Bitches, it wasn't even Gold key.
  • Not sleep well for the rest of the year. Die when I'm fifty.
  • Never finish the stories, go to FIU because no one else wants me but at least I'm good enough for that one, get a job teaching, curl up and cry.

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  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear about your college application woes. I'm going to assume you live in Florida based on where you applied (I went to college in Florida as well).

    I wish I had started at community college and transferred to state from there. It's cheaper (a lot cheaper), and in Florida if you've earned your AA from a community college one of the state universities MUST admit you as a transfer student.

    Here's hoping it works out!


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- Carl Sagan, in his message to future explorers of Mars.