Sunday, July 7, 2013

One, Two, Three...

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First, the anger: GHA! I should have researched what a planet with rings like Saturn would mean for the population, their night sky, and their space travel. Why didn't I consider light pollution? Why didn't I realize space travel would be a bitch to go through?


Ataraxia isn't even going to be published and yet I really, really don't want to leave behind a partial draft of a barely polished novel. So I'm researching that bit up there. I hit, after months of not working on the thing to revise the novella. I just emailed it to myself with the very helpful note of: good god finish this shit before the fall semester starts.

Because seriously. First drafts should not take this long! I got the idea for this almost a year ago. (Or well...for the characters. Everything else started to hit me afterwards).

Second, the update: Walking around this city is sort of nice but it's also a daily reminder of how nice and crazy people can be. Fourth of July, we got the brilliant idea to trek up to the mall and Target(we being my roommate, her friend, and our friend Anya--who's got a Russian background, btw. Anya. Katya. Sonya >.>) and that turned...disastrous. Granted, I got food and a ten dollar skirt, so yay for that. But the bus was over an hour late and the walk to and from the mall to Target was about a mile. Carrying groceries.

Reminder of why people are nice--two really awesome older ladies pulled up next to the bus stop at the mall and asked if we knew when the bus was coming. I think one of them hinted that she'd had to live through grueling hours waiting for public transportation, so they were kind enough to offer their sympathies as well as a ride back to campus. Usually, I would have declined, but I figured it would have been pretty difficult for human traffickers to grab four college girls and smuggle them out. At least three of us could have fought back, and/or were partially armed (with like pepper spray and rape whistles).

Reminders why people are crazy--because I couldn't figure out the bus from campus to Publix, I figured I might as well do the 40 minute walk and get all the vegetable stuff (plus more crackers) that I didn't get at Target. Of course there was an assortment of crazy older men dancing in the middle of the street and howling...for no reason. Me: terrified. And I got rained on again. I had to duck into a CVS and buy a 10 dollar umbrella because I wasn't going through that shit again (it rained on me while I was trying to make it to a poetry/short story reading at a bar) and I hate spending money like that. Especially because I already have an umbrella! WHY DO I KEEP FORGETTING IT?!

Also, I need to stop abusing parenthesis in this blog post.

Third, the congratulations to myself: This is the first time in all my years of schooling where I've done all my homework before 11 p.m. Sunday night so I'm gonna take advantage of that and relax. I don't know what compelled me to finish that Jane Austen essay yesterday rather than today, but I did. And turns out I can bribe myself with food. I sat in front of the library watching people eat sandwiches and brownies from Starbucks, and I just kept saying, "if you finish this essay and print it before six, you can go back to your dorm and EAT. FOOD. WE STILL HAVE THAT CANNED MICROWAVED CHILI*!" So I DID IT.

And turns out when I do one crazy homework like that, I get encouraged to do more.

Fourth, the new obsession: Oh Game of Thrones (the tv show, for now). I adore you. So much. Enough that I'm sneaking into my campus bookstore sometime this week to see if I can read the books there in one sitting.

Fifth, the practice query: So I tried to do this once when I was thirteen with Redemption. I can't remember if I was at a point where I thought I'd be able to publish it, or if I had already realized that wasn't going to happen for a few years, but an idea hit me then. I had just started learning more about the industry, and that was probably the first time I read up on what a query letter was. However, I got sent to a terrible website that said basically you got one bloody sentence to summarize your novel. ONE.

I panicked and spent weeks trying to figure out how to shove Redemption into one sentence. Then further investigation led to the discovery that sometimes people in the internet lie. Hooray! Turns out it's like two to three paragraphs. Uh. I guess... still hooray!

So I think I'm going to try and write a query for Ataraxia even though I'll probably never use it. I'll post it here to compare it and archive it. You know. Just for fun.

Before I start dreading the process, which will happen as soon as I start doing it for realzies and come to the realization that it's the first step to a lot of rejections.

*Next to California roll sushi and greasy Chinese food, canned chili is my favorite thing in the world. I HAVE NO SHAME.

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  1. That sounds like fun, writing hypothetical queries. :) I know what you mean about books that you won't pursue publishing for but that you still want to tweak and play with. I've got a few of those. :)


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- Carl Sagan, in his message to future explorers of Mars.