Thursday, October 3, 2013

A to Z book survey!

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First, a quick update: I should be writing (yeah, what else is new?). I have a short story due tomorrow to be workshopped next Friday. A ten page maximum limit is going to kill me, but I think maybe I can squeeze in a couple of more pages and my teacher won't explode and fail me. (I mean, someone posted a seventeen page story so...clearly if I drift into twelve or thirteen pages, I won't be committing an unforgivable crime).

I barely started Anne's story before having to stop to work on the two short stories needed for Fiction Technique. Not to mention I was hit with school related papers. If I can't get anything done in October, I'll use NaNoWriMo to get it off the ground. It helped Ataraxia and Redemption, after all, and October seems to be the month I gotta produce the most essays. Maybe it won't be so bad to put off a novel till I've got more time. I realize this sounds like one of those dreaded, "You're making excuses D< you're not acting like a real, dedicated writer!" but ehhhhhh. Finishing Ataraxia was a massive boost of confidence, even if it did take me forever and a half. I'm not worried about not being able to finish the next work. Plus, by November, I should be able to figure out if I want to write the story in third or first person >.>

So anyways, because I hadn't updated in a while, I decided to do a little book survey! I saw it on Julie/Swankivy's writing blog, so I decided to go ahead and fill it out here.

Author You've Read The Most Books From
I was thinking about using my Goodreads to figure this out, but I haven't managed to really rate all the books I've read. I'm fairly certain it's Daniel Handler, if I'm counting his Lemony Snicket books. I read all the A Series of Unfortunate Events, most of the bonus material (such as The Beatrice Letters and The Unauthorized Autobiography), as well as his (young?) adult novel, the super awesome The Basic Eight.

Best Sequel Ever
This is also kind of difficult because I almost never read full series, but I'm going to say The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman.

Currently Reading
A classic! Dune by Frank Herbert.

Drink of Choice While Reading
Coffee if early in the morning, hot tea in the afternoon, or cool lemonade at nighttime.

E-reader or Physical Book?
Blame my brother for wrecking my poor mother's kindle; we used to have an e-reader. Now, I have the little Kindle reader thing on my computer, though it sadly doesn't have a lot of books. So physical books, even though I read a lot of classic, public domain books on the e-reader.

Fictional Character You Probably Would Have Actually Dated in High School
Instead of high school dating, can I have a childhood crush/sweetheart thing with Ender, Petra, or Valentine from Ender's Game instead?

Glad You Gave This Book a Chance
It's between two Stephen King novels. I read his debut, Carrie, first, despite hearing he'd written much better works later. It's one of my favorite novels now. The second is Christine. I started reading that one without knowing what the premise was--and I would have probably left it alone if I'd known. It managed to grab me pretty early on and I surprisingly like it a lot.

Hidden Gem Book
THE BASIC EIGHT. I've never personally met anyone else who's read it :( Which sucks because it's like one of the most perfect novels everrr. Granted it's a little weird.

Important Moment in Your Reading Life
So when I was a little kid (four? five?) and entered my first years of schooling, I was really proud of the fact I could read things, like signs on the street, comics around the house, or the little warnings underneath cigarette packets. One random day, I was sitting with my dad as my mom finished preparing dinner. We had the first few Harry Potter books in the house (in Spanish) and my dad picked up Philosopher's Stone and was like, "Hey, since you know how to read now, why don't you try reading this book?" So I did! I quickly realized I could read the whole thing if I wanted. Whenever I spaced out or didn't understand something, my mom would read passages out loud to me while I followed along on the page. And so my love for Harry Potter and literature in general began.

Just Finished
Err...Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf, and a buttload of Yeats poetry. But that's mostly because of my Modern British Lit class Dx

Kinds of Books You Won't Read
YA Paranormal Romances bore me to tears, not to mention they often have the most abusive, disgusting relationships and boring, push-over heroines. And after giving Legend and Divergent a chance (and really only liking Legend), then trying and failing to get into other novels of that category, I'm done with YA Dystopians.

Longest Book You've Read
Does the Bible count? I read the King James version and I think the Reina-Valera version at the same time, since the text my mom and dad gave me had the Spanish and English translations side by side. I switched it up whenever I didn't understand something in one language. I read it when I was eleven to thirteen, though I probably skimmed a lot and don't remember much.

Major Book Hangover Because Of
Whenever Giselle and I spoke about the awesomeness of Ender's Game, we got hit with massive anger+sadness because we remembered Orson Scott Card is such a jerk. I guessing that counts. Whenever I reread Ender's Game, I get really happy. Then when I put it down or just pause halfway through, I get hit with that angry sadness again @_@

Number of Bookcases You Own
In my dorm? Zero T_T In my parent's home? One and a quarter? I only got my parents to buy me one after the little shelf above my desk started falling apart because I was piling up too many books on it.

One Book You Have Read Multiple Times
Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson, which is surprising because I didn't really like the protagonist until the end and the book made me physically ill. I'm not even kidding, I actually ran to the bathroom to throw up after reading a particular passage. I can get through massive, super detailed scenes of carnage and rape without as much as a wince, but I have a weak stomach when it comes to anorexia, bulimia, and self-harm. However, I was still fascinated with the writing, so I read a lot of the scenes over and over again.

Preferred Place to Read
Sitting at the back of a bus.

Quote that Inspires You
Uh... Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus (I love that motto >.> Andddd I'm really bad at finding good inspirational quotes and remembering them Dx)

Reading Regret
I read all of the Twilight Saga in eighth grade despite knowing it wasn't going to get any better. And no, I don't know why I did it. I can't call it a guilty pleasure because I certainly didn't even get any pleasure out of it Dx I guess the cliche about not being able to look away from the train wreck applies here.

(Completed) Series You Started and Need To Finish
Even though it technically shouldn't be here, I'm going to say A Song of Ice and Fire, since I didn't stop because there's no more books, I stopped because I haven't found the time to go through the rest.

Three of Your All Time Favorite Books
A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, and The Basic Eight by Daniel Handler.

Unapologetic Fangirl (Filthy Stalker) Of
Stephen King! Ever since On Writing I've been pretty obsessed with watching and reading his interviews and the essays/introductions he has in some of his novels.

Very Excited for This Release More Than All the Others
Premeditated by Josin L. McQuein has, hands down, one of the best written blurbs of all time. The subject matter is super tricky, so it's got potential for greatness and potential to crash and burn. Either way, I'm so excited for it!

Worst Bookish Habit
Buying a ton of books at once and failing to finish them all before going out to buy (or start reading) more books.

Your Latest Book Purchase
I don't want to count all my school related books so I'll chose Cinder by Marissa Meyer.

ZZZ-Snatcher Book (last one that kept you up way too late)
It's actually been a while since I've stayed way up late to finish a novel. But when I reread Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince a few years back (and read it for the first time in English), I did the classic hiding-under-the-covers-with-a-flashlight thing.

P.S: Yes, I did post the link to the NIN store >.> I love the album, I love how different it sounds from some of his other albums, and I'm sadfaced I can't go to one of the concerts. So...this is my contribution? I know it's lame.


  1. You're like the second person who took this survey and called out The Subtle Knife as a great sequel. I agree! (And I've read all the Lemony Snicket books too, and own The Basic Eight but have yet to read it.)

    I'm going to read Ender's Game sometime soon--it's the favorite book of so many of my friends. You can separate problematic author behavior and even problematic things in works you like without supporting Card's jerkiness--it's not all or nothing. :)

  2. @Julie: Hah, the Subtle Knife was the first book to come to mind xD I used to constantly wish I was Lyra.

    Woohoo! Yeah, Ender's Game is an awesome book, so I'm glad you'll be reading it sometime in the future. I agree that we can still enjoy the book without supporting Card's problematic behavior, I just still get hit with a twinge when I think about it @_@ But oh well. At least I can still enjoy Ender's Game if I don't dwell on it too much :P

  3. Anonymous9:30 PM

    I've never really thought about The Subtle Knife was, but now that you. mention it, it didn't go through that awkward boring stage that the second book in a trilogy sometimes does. (I'm looking at you, Catching Fire/ Eldest/New Moon/ every average YA trilogy ever)


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