Tuesday, November 26, 2013


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Things that went wrong last week-ish that made me rage:
  • My friend and I got harassed at a bus stop. Multiple times.
  • I got rejected from the workshop class I wanted.
  • I realized "Reaper" makes no sense as a threatening title in the context of Anne's world. It's the personification of Death in our world; our reaper is meant to be the harvester of souls. But why would the same meaning apply to a fictional world, especially when the mythologies are so vastly different? Answer: it doesn't. So the most fearsome pirate who has ever lived might as well be called Jane the Farmer.
  • For my three drafts for Fiction Technique, I keep turning in stories with characters whose (who's?) names start with a K. First it was Dr. Kathleen Monroe in The Companion Unit, Kaede Kinomoto in The Way Out Is Through, and Katerina Kuriyama in Rhyme and Reason (working title). WHERE IS MY IMAGINATION
  • My hair rejected color treatment that it desperately needed. It was looking a sickly green because of a faded blue dye--plus the bleach that had gone under it--and refused to go to a normal color.
  • I fell behind on NaNoWriMo
  • I forgot to read a book for Fiction Technique class.
  • I attacked my hair and chopped it off in a fit of frustration
  • I got sick on Tuesday for going out to swim when it was 40 degrees out, which meant I had to skip the pool on Wednesday.
  • My microwave had a weird odor. I cooked some weird Jamaican noodles on it and no amount of washing would get rid of the smell.
  • I have nothing to send to either Carp or Emzy for their birthdays.

Things that are going to go wrong, making me rage some more:
  • I will get rejected from the internships
  • I will get rejected from the magazine
  • I will fall behind on NaNo again.
  • I will fail at least a couple of finals
  • I will not have any money next semester

Things that I somehow corrected:
  • It was a lot of money and the end result wasn't perfect, but my hair is a somewhat even dark brown now, with specks of lighter hair at the front. At least it's not so greenish now.
    • I'm over this...neon hair phase. I'll go back to it when I have enough money to pay a stylist every six weeks to keep my hair healthy and pretty.
  • Sitting at the salon for a few hours meant I got to finish the book for Fiction Technique
  • After missing out swimming on Wednesday, I swam for an hour on Thursday. There was a group of old men there who I think were trying to race me, which was pretty hilarious on its own.
  • I signed up for an online class next semester involving child development, and without the workshop class on Wednesday, I can take Japanese film.
  • I scrubbed my microwave with lime, which helped the smell.
  • I wrote three essays in a week.
    • One of which I managed by pulling an all-nighter with Gise.
  • I renamed Katerina (temporarily) Auralee, after one of Jordan's characters.
Things that make me happy/give me hope:
  • Thanksgiving break is coming up.
    • I miss my parents, little brother, and high school friends, and actual food not cooked in a microwave.
    • It's weird, but I am eagerly awaiting the journey there. I love spending hours upon hours inside a vehicle. And that's not sarcasm. Six hours in a train, car, bus, or plane + sitting near a window + laptop and book in hand = happy, relaxed Becca.
  • I forgot how much I love being in the water as long as I'm not competing or getting yelled at by asshole coaches. The smell of chlorine reminds me of my childhood and I'm happy to be exercising regularly again.
  • I wrote a fairy tale.
  • After months of virtually no contact and a fear that we'd never really get to speak again, I got in regular conversations with Carpathia.
  • Though I'll continue to take all kinds of film classes, I may talk to an adviser about possibly switching my minor or getting a certification in Child Development.
  • I know it probably didn't mean a thing, but the professor who sent me a form rejection about the workshop classes added this: (PS: On a slightly more personal note, I very much encourage you to try again in future semesters. Thank you for letting me see your work!)
    • Which...I have no idea what it means. Did she reject me because I put down "Freshman" instead of "Junior" (damn credits making me both) and needed to give priority to those who are close to graduation? (that's what the form rejection said, at least). Or was it because I actually do suck at writing but she thinks I'll get better in the coming years, meaning I'll have a better shot at the classes then? Who knows...but it's okay. I know I have a lot to learn.
  • I'm almost eighteen, which means next semester I get to donate plasma.
So...I guess it's not as bad as it could be.

P.S: Here's a collection of my oddly changing hair:

And how I waste my time with awesome dress up games (credit to Rinmaru Games)
Valentine and Kaede, my mechanic and pilot.

Rhyme and Reason (Katerina Kuriyama) from my fairy tale

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