Saturday, December 7, 2013

And so...

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Friday morning I woke up early enough that I could lounge around before heading to my last day of Fiction Technique. Silvia and I were texting each other, and she mentioned having put a poetry collection together which she wanted me to see. I checked my email and saw a message from the Kudzu Review.

That's my school's literary journal. I have all my school emails redirected to my main account, so I've been receiving a lot of: "Our intern applications are filled up," "We do not accept remote internships," not to mention the rejection from the workshop class that nearly made me explode.

Whenever I open writing related emails, I try and tell myself there's no point having any crazy expectations. It is more than likely that a form rejection awaits me. But I can't help it. I always get hit with a little bit of hope, no matter how much I try to contain it. That's what makes opening them and finding said form rejections so much worst: I should and do know that it's coming, and yet I can't help but hope and hope and hope.


I hope my squee-ing and cheering and jumping around didn't wake up my roommate. This is what the letter said:

Congratulations, Rebeca!

You have been accepted as an Editorial Assistant for The Kudzu Review 2014 Spring staff!

Plus information about registering for it as a class. That's the best part: I didn't even know we could get credits for it, which means I'm looking at 18 hours in total for Spring semester. If I'm lucky, working on the magazine will also give me enough experience that someone'll actually accept me for a remote internship during the summer, when I'll be the most free to do work.


I hope I don't disappoint the staff and all the contributors.

Only one week left of Fall semester. Then quick finals and I'm back home the day I turn eighteen.

I'll probably be spending the week studying, revising Ataraxia, and wrapping Christmas presents. I'm getting a few in the mail and sent Carpathia's hers today. Plus after months of pestering by me and university people, my mom finally decided to send me a care package.

Only problem is I don't know when it's getting here....hopefully before December 13th, when I'm still here Dx.

P.S: Additional happy news, my professor really liked my fairy tale. I like to think it wasn't just because she was battling a crippling cold while she read it >.>

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