Friday, December 13, 2013


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I'm celebrating. I passed my classes. I get to work on my school's literary magazine next semester. I'm going home today. I wrapped up all my presents. I get to see my family. I get to hang out with friends. And more importantly-

HELL YEAH. I've turned eighteen. Yeah, it's an arbitrary number, the only legal thing I would ever do is vote and donate plasma, and I'm still the same naive idiot who just barely moved away from home a few months back.

But that's not going to stop me from shouting I'M AN ADULT every hour on the hour D:<


Painting done by my friend, Maria Gabriella

This was at my library's Starbucks - ten minutes before I fell asleep

(Cute Google Doodle!)

(And Dream and Spirit pictures because it's almost the three year anniversary? YEH)

Drawing done by Carp's friend

Pretty people everywhere. Sigh~

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- Carl Sagan, in his message to future explorers of Mars.