Sunday, December 15, 2013


I really just wanted to show off a drawing my friend Berny made.

(She specified "girl" because we know a Boy Bernie. Granted, Bernie cannot draw, while Berny is a master D:<)
She got my nameless pink-haired doll in there (with an extra limb!) which makes me really happy.

It's been so, so nice to be back. The night right after my parents picked me up from the bus stop we went to an Asian cuisine restaurant. I ended up paying dinner--first time I've ever done that. Somewhere on the way there, my parents started panicking because they realized I'd turned eighteen, but I guess there's also huge relief that I made it this far with a pretty sound mind.

I had dinner earlier today with Carla and her girlfriend. She got me a red leather notebook. I almost tackled her out of a balcony--it's just such a perfect present!

I think I just wanted to ramble off how grateful I am to be back and to have all these friends here just within reach. I always heard that you made your true friends in college, and all the high school ones were destined to fade away. When I realized I was going to FSU, I tried to accept the idea that I'd probably never speak to my HS friends again.

I just started college, so maybe these friendships will fade, but I'm starting to think they don't necessarily have to. There's so many myths about college I believed less than ten months ago. I'm glad they turned out to be untrue.

I have little plans and outings set for this break. I'll take Emzy out for coffee, go to lunch with Gaby, have a Breaking Bad marathon at Silvia's house with Berny and Ren, watch Frozen with Gise and Anthony, and then go see 47 Ronin with a whole lot of people. Plus I'm so excited to finally give my parents and brother their Christmas presents.

Few years back, when I got told the Earth-shattering truth about Santa, I couldn't understand how adults could deal with Christmas once the magic was gone. I guess I'm starting to feel it a lot more now, as corny as that may sound.

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