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30 Week Blog Challenge - Week 1: Recent picture and 15 Facts

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I've never done a weekly blog challenge before because I'm a super lazy/distracted person. That said, I saw Swankivy/Julie was doing a 30 week challenge on her blog, and I decided to check it out and see if I wanted to do it. I think it's meant to be for Mondays only, but I'll never remember to do it at the start of the week. So it shall be a Sundayyy challenge!

For some reason, the thing that ultimately convinced me was that I realized in less than half the time it'll take me to finish this, I'll be done with Spring semester. Weeeeeeeeee!

So here's week one! Recent picture and fifteen facts.

:D This challenge is by Marie Rossiter, of Mom Gets Real.

1) At this point in my life, I secretly admire Superman more than Batman.
2) But I love Wonder Woman more than them both.
3) I am incapable of wearing jewelry without getting super-twitchy--necklaces feel like they're choking me, rings freak me out, and I don't have my ears pierced for earrings. I can't wear anything except cheap bracelets as long as they're not plastic. It has to be cloth, leather, twine, or strings.
4) Russian is my favorite language (on a purely superficial level--I like how it sounds).
5) Most of my main characters are anti-heroes.
6) My favorite thing to do in high school was going through my artistic friends' sketchbooks.
7) I love silent films.
8) I like super small towns and huge, megapopulated cities, but not the in-between.
9) I connect easily with toddlers and small children.
10) I am horrendously bad at chess and haven't played it for over seven years.
11) I wanted to be a film editor when I was in middle school and through the first half of high school.
12) I'm working on having an encyclopedic knowledge of serial killers >.>
13) I love robots in fiction, but don't actually like the mecha subgenre that much.
14) I classify my favorite music as anything that a) helps me write and b) helps me daydream about my fictional worlds.
15) With a few exceptions, most of my attempts to write realistic fiction have ended up turning into sci-fi. For example, The Way Out Is Through was originally meant to be a story called Hurricane Girls, and Valentine and Kaede were two teenagers stuck inside a high school for a day of detention, sort of like the Breakfast Club. Somehow by the time I was done, I had an A.I, a derelict spaceship, and a quest to find Earth-That-Was. (Though Kaede and Valentine didn't really change a single bit--and I still call them my hurricane girls).

One down, twenty-nine to go >:D

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- Carl Sagan, in his message to future explorers of Mars.