Tuesday, January 7, 2014

COLD (and food)

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Woah. I was really angry yesterday @_@ I am significantly better now. (Even though both my lit classes have important papers due the day before Spring Break...grrr. I'm turning them in early T_T I refuse to miss my brother's birthday).

^Maybe I shouldn't complain too much. My American lit class might end up being my most difficult one, but the professor seems nice. Plus she might remember me next time, since I was apparently the one who knew Birth of a Nation was based off a book called The Clansman. (She was trying to remember "an awkwardly racist book" and mentioned the movie, so I sort of knew what she was talking about. Not that I've ever read it--though the reviews on Goodreads entertain me)

Anywayysssss, I don't have much to write right now. In fact, I really need to get some reading of The Dream of the Rood done for tomorrow. It takes me forever to understand what narrative poems are trying to say, so I should probably focus on it sometime soon >.> I've been spending a lot more time in my common room, which is a good idea until I have to go outside to head back into my building. (Salley's weird--it must be the only dorm place in the campus that has the common room and front desk detached from the buildings where the students live).

I wouldn't mind it if it wasn't so cold suddenly. I had never before experienced anything below 40 degrees, and today it was down to the low 20's. Biking around is a nightmare because I don't have any gloves and the wind freezes my fingers in place. And all my classes are on the other side of campus.

I got to see Carla nonetheless, and she lent me some gloves and a scarf temporarily. She was in like thirty layers of sweaters, and I, like an idiot, decided not to wear pants today. At least I had tights on, and two bulky sweaters covering me up. Though it was probably not very smart to wear a hoodie that has the colors of a beloved rival school >.>

But at least I was temporarily warm(er).

I think I'm gonna stop riding the bike till I get some gloves of my own...
My only upside is that I usually just had to take the blue hoodie off when I got to class. The buildings are kept infinitely warmer, and it usually feels like you have ten seconds to remove most of your layers of clothing before you get heatstroke.

I'm also starting to use the kitchen of my dorm. I cooked steak on it a couple days back, and it tastes the same as if my mom had made it. I'm kind of excited now to go back and cook more food there--it's strangely relaxing.

BUT THE COLD HAS TO GO DOWN DX. I can't imagine grocery shopping when it's this freezing! I haven't even been able to go swimming since I'm terrified I'll get hypothermia in the three minutes it takes to go from the gym to my dorm.


EDIT: JK, The Dream of the Rood was actually easy to follow and very beautiful. I take back what I said~

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    That was a bad idea


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