Thursday, January 30, 2014

Good god...

This has not been a good first couple semesters. My summer roommate? She was amazing. I miss her and hope she's doing great.

But fall and spring?

I'm realizing a good chunk of the reason I hate college so much is because of my living situation. A shitty day would be infinitely better if I could just come home to a place I'd feel safe and calm in.

I don't know what to do. The mess has gotten out of hand and the noise level is driving me insane. There were already problems last year, and half the time it feels like I'm not going to have anyone stand on my side.

I mean, I'm not crazy, right? This isn't an acceptable level of messiness, right?

As of this writing, there are two more boxes of pizza
This is pretty much her side of the room

No, none of this stuff is mine.
I have plenty more pictures--of this year and last, but I can't even bring myself to post them without wanting to gag. And I have a list of all the spoiled food she left on the fridge till the end of the semester--a fridge she stocked so much that I had to get a second one, and yet now she's just left it empty and hasn't cleaned it for over five months.

I would take the mess level if she wasn't constantly blasting bad reality tv or music over the speakers every waking hour. I don't play a single thing when she takes sporadic naps throughout the day, but heaven forbid I want to go to bed before 1 a.m and can't stand the noise level. And if I ask her to put the volume down? Angry glares and annoyed grunts--and then the noise goes right back up not long after. I need to get out of here.

One day I'll look back on this and laugh. But that day is not today.
"Science and science fiction have done a kind of dance over the last century... The scientists make a finding. It inspires science fiction writers to write about it, and a host of young people read the science fiction and are excited, and inspired to become scientists...which they do, which then feeds again into another generation of science fiction and science..."
- Carl Sagan, in his message to future explorers of Mars.