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30 Week Blog Challenge - Week 7: Blog Name

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Original challenge!

Long ago, back when I had read the terrible James Patterson novels of Maximum Ride, there was a website by the name of max-dan-wiz that I joined up sometime in 2009. Though it was sort of meant to operate as a forum for Patterson's main YA novels, there were little groups here and there for Role Playing stories. I went through a number of them, one in particular called Era of Myths, and then another one called The REAL First Flock (yeah, that was actually the name the starter girl gave it). It was suppose to be loosely based on the Maximum Ride books and work as a sort of side story. A lot of the time, RPs there were very basic and simple. People would type no more than a line or two for their characters. Once I and a number of people took over TRFF, we had paragraphs and paragraphs of interactions, internal thoughts, story arcs, etc.

I formed four characters for it: Legion, Archangel, Dragon, and Dream. Whenever someone created characters in RPs, people would either chose to write a description of how they looked like, or post online drawings or photographs of real life people to represent them. For Dream, I chose Elle Fanning. I made Dream the same age as the actress and decided that she would age up naturally throughout the years rather than be forever twelve years old.

That RP got incredibly complex and interesting and overall fun, and I got to be friends with a lot of people and met some twisted individuals (but that's a story for later). A turning point of the story came with the introduction of Carpathia's character, Spirit, (link goes to her current tumblr RP blog) who was a year younger than Dream. She actually came really late into the game--the RP sort of disbanded sometime after Christmas 2010, and Spirit had joined up literally that same month of December. Despite this, I became quick friends with Carpathia, and as a result, so did Spirit and Dream.

Spirit's faceclaim was (and is) Isabelle Fuhrman, particularly
because the movie Orphan had come out. That's why when Carp
found this picture, we fangirled till the ends of time
We wrote them together in other RPs and little side stories, and watched them grow, take care of each other, and weird out whoever came in their path. I had known for a long while that Dream had romantic feelings for Spirit, but they didn't really form that kind of relationship till later on--I think when they were fourteen and thirteen respectively. It was also because of them that other characters came to be, like my very own Professor Cervantes.

Sometime later in 2011 or so, I came upon a 100 themes challenge in DeviantArt. As I enjoyed writing Dream and borrowing Spirit, I wanted to write the themes as series of events that happened to them. I never got far--I posted like three but wrote maybe up to the sixth theme or so--but the basic plot of the story and the creation of the Watchmaker led me to want to write a novella based on it. I could never publish it because Spirit is still and always will be Carp's character, but I wanted to type it up as a present to her.

The novella took place in a world I had already created for a short-lived RP. It was called Enkindle, and was supposed to be heavily based on Wonderland, Neverland, and the Land of Oz, but I refined it a little bit more for the actual novella. I kept this word in mind, but still didn't have a title. For a while, I think I wanted to call it Gold Chains and Lighting, based off the lyrics of a Snow Patrol song (the one playing right now). I didn't know if the name worked or not, because "lighting" had nothing to do with anything. At least the reference to the gold chains were to hint at the literal gold chains around Spirit as well as the control the Watchmaker had over Dream. The actual lyrics also say gold hair and lighting, which worked if I wanted to reference the color of Dream's hair seemed a bit silly to do so for no reason. I liked the idea of pointing back to the chains, though, and I thought "Enkindle" felt like a powerful word, as both a name for the fictional world and a metaphor dealing with Dream's changing quest and development.

At around this time, I also wanted to rename my blog, but couldn't settle on what exactly.

I can't quite remember what my thought process was at the time. I know I came up with the name Enkindled With Chains for the story first and then decided to apply it to the blog name. I know I wanted to polish up the novella once I finished it and put it up here for free (which is still sort of the plan), but that hasn't happened yet. Technically, having the title for the blog makes no sense unless the novella is somewhere here to accompany it.

But I haven't changed the blog name for a number of reasons. For one, the world of Enkindle is now closely related in my mind to Dream and Spirit, and I still adore the two of them very much. Secondly, the novella is probably my favorite thing I've ever created--I don't know how or why, but I can say, without any doubt, that it's the best thing I've written. I don't mean to imply it's some sort of master piece, but the writing in it flows better than anything else. It has the most powerful emotion and the most interesting characters. It's grown a lot throughout the years, in the same way my writing and Dream have grown.

I suppose the blog name won't make sense till I finish up the novella and make it available here. I wish I had a better, more concrete reason for naming the blog this, but I'm happy with the title, particularly because of all it signifies to me.


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