Thursday, February 20, 2014

Now I'm just blogging about things no one cares about

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This is actually kind of embarrassing, but I want to document my stupidity.

So like. I've started running. In fact, I've replaced swimming with running. I'm actually super slow, but I have been getting better. It used to take me an hour to do three miles (I know, so pathetic), but I'm shaved that time down to 40-43 minutes. I've only been running for a few weeks now, and only started pushing myself like two weeks ago. It's been kind of fun. Except for one thing. I, at first, did not know the importance of a sports bra.


ow ow ow ow.

Ughhhhhh. I started getting such an annoying pain that won't go away! But the weird thing is, I can't tell if it's actually physical or psychological--like, am I imagining the pain now that I read how important sports bras are? Maybe it's all in my head...

I ordered two online--one that was way too freaking expensive but better be worth it, and one that's probably going to be way too tight because I accidentally didn't see that the bras run small. Still, I hope it's better than nothing >_>

I also, like most people, run on the treadmill listening to music. All the treadmills at the gym have little areas to put down water bottles and phones and stuff. And I've found that my arm movement is...weird. I've knocked my cell phone down like five times now because I end up hitting the earphone's cable while jogging really fast, which sends Hannibal 2.0 flying. I'd buy the thingy that straps your phone to your arm, but I'm gonna have to wait a few weeks before I go around spending more money on random stuff :(


Though speaking of which, I do kind of hope I'll get faster by the end of the semester. In fact, if I can do 3 miles in under 30-35 minutes, I will consider it all an accomplishment.

I've been looking forward to summer for a while now, because I imagine I could run more often, write more often, read a lot more--all that wonderful stuff. Still I can't help but fear I'm not going to do as much as I'm doing now.

Whenever I'm in school, I write like crazy, watch millions of movies and tv shows, (apparently) do more exercise, eat better, read a lot, and just generally keep myself busy. That all goes down the crapper during the summer. I have never in my life been able to finish a novel--or even write more than a couple of chapters--in between school terms.

I'm hoping it'll be different this summer. After all, it's probably the last time I'll have some free time for three months straight. True, since 10th grade I've been in college summer classes, but I never really considered summer semesters a burden. They're annoying, yeah, but they're nothing compared to having to work year-round. (I'm guessing. I've yet to enter the work force, after all).

But I'll plan my summer later. Like near the end of April or something. For now, I have short term goals for this semester: Get Straight A's. Run 3 miles in 30 minutes (or less). Never be late in editing submissions for the Kudzu Review. Apply for internships (again. Ugh). And finish my current manuscript.

Oh and also hopefully win an English department award. But that can't count as a goal because it's not something I have total control over. I mean, yeah, I entered Circuits and Nerves and my fairy tale to the contests my school is hosting, but I know I'm not going to win >_>

Which is sadly not going to keep me from getting all hopeful a millisecond before they announce the winners mid-April. Damn brain >:(  At least I'll get to blog about my sadness when it happens.

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