Sunday, March 30, 2014

30 Week Blog Challenge - Week 10: Old Photo

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I decided to cheat!

I can't quite find pictures from 10 years ago. Turns out my dad only got a digital camera during 2004, but this is March, and he came to visit us in Ecuador during July. So technically, all pictures I found from that time are still 9 years (and a couple months) back.

Also, I look weird in some of them >.>

So instead, I decided to cheat!
Original challenge!

I found a video from my cousin's quinceaƱera party of my mom and I dancing. This took place during the sporadic days my dad came to visit, so he had a video camera at hand. The music awkwardly changes halfway through, and I ended up trying to get into it with odd results.

Honestly, my dancing really hasn't changed that much >_>

It's so weird to watch that clip. I look endlessly awkward in every other photograph taken of me (not just from back then, but all the way till the present), but this video and the photograph of me sitting by my brother's racing tract Christmas morning don't bother me. I know I went on endlessly about this in one of my conversations pieces, but it's really strange now that I have a clip of me spinning and swaying about. I have a hard time remembering that I was her not too long ago, and that she will one day be me.

But okay, this is a short one because I have to go drown myself in essays.

See yah next week.

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