Saturday, April 5, 2014

Another break >_>

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So...poor Luna is dead. Or well, Windows 7 went nuts, and Luna is just kind of not accessing her own operating system because of it. So I am without a computer for the next few days. (Stupid blue screen >_>)

I'm relying on the library till I can run off home at the end of the semester and get my laptop fixed. Said library opens at odd hours and I have like ten thousand essays due, so I don't think I'll be posting a challenge this week >_> so much for not being late again....

Ughhhhh. The laptop crashing made me really angry. I just want this semester over with so I can go back to writing on a regular basis.

Also, oh god Tetsuo. I think the movie traumatized half my Japanese film class, but it. Was. AWESOME. Or at least, the soundtrack totally was. I'm gonna go ahead and blast it while I try and write these essays.

OH! I have some updates on the novel I'm currently working on. (Or was currently working on before my computer decided to flip me the middle finger.) I should be able to post that up soon and kind of give a general idea of who's been inside my head these last couple of months.

Though I'm without one of the essays I was working on, I do have external back-ups of all my non-school related writing and pictures. I guess as soon as I'm done with the essays, I can go back to the novel. I need to finish it before the end of summer, though, since I don't want to take ten months to write it like I did with Ataraxia.

Okay. I'mma go keep writing now. I just wanted another excuse to keep procrastinating >.>

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