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Note: Picture heavy post >_> If anyone shown here finds this and dislikes the fact that I put pictures of them on my blog...lemme know. I shall delete them.

So yesterday, somewhere after four a.m, I was trying to find new and inventive ways to procrastinate and yet somehow stay awake. In an effort to avoid responsibility and ignore my crippling exhaustion, I started reading over my 2013's NaNo entry. And I found this genius piece of writing:
"Necalli is from Luziru, which resides within the empire," Shin explained, "They believe the Brothers were created by an all father who separated time and [oh god I forgot what happens here...double check really soon]."
...yeah, that's actually in the manuscript. I guess now I know why my world building is shit. I can't even remember it half the time. (Y'know, on top of awkwardly shoving it into the dialogue like ANYONE GIVES A SHIT. Even if it is being explained to a foreign character, this is still clumsy as hell).

As stupid as the writing can be, I sort of liked where it was going:
     “She is the only woman at sea,” she began, a hazy look settling over her. “She’s sailed for decades, fending off against the mermaids that thirst for her flesh. She’s a giantess, hair like the fires of Folkvar and eyes the color of soil.”
     “Don’t wet your trousers, son,” Egil snorted, reaching for a bit of ale. “You make her sound like a goddess.”
     “It’s how some men have described her,” Anne added quickly, “The few she's spared-"
     “And no doubt brainwashed into singing her praise,” Necalli said.
     “No one who’s fought that mad bitch would praise her,” Egil grunted, “She’s about as pretty as I am and as worthy of reverence as a mermaid tearing out your skin with her teeth.”
     “Have you fought her?” Anne asked.
     “Of course. There’s only one true rival of the Bloodmoon, and that’s the Reaper.”
     “And there’s only true rival to our captain,” Shin said, “And that’s Jane herself.”
     “So I’ve heard,” Anne said, “They share a past, don't they?”
     The men exchanged a look, then grew silent. After a while, Necalli spoke. “He's never said. I doubt we’ll ever know more than legends.”
I wonder how it might have developed if I'd bothered to finish it. And fleshed out some characters. And their voices. And the world. And most of the first act.

I mean, I might. I really kind of wish I'd gotten to know Anne better. She's the kind of girl Lilith would have aspired to be. (Yes, the immortal woman of nearly one thousand years would have looked up to a fourteen year old >_> make of that what you will).

More random stuff:

1) I've been baking in addition to cleaning and reading--all effective ways to avoid Millennium Girl. And you know what? I made some kickass Chocolate Chip Muffins the other day despite being like two ingredients + paper liners short. So I guess if my writing career--or just this novel--crashes and burns, summer 2014 will forever be my great baking beginnings. Such fond memories...

2) A friend from FSU visited on Memorial Day weekend and took me, her cousin, and her cousin's friend out. I was soon reminded that I suck at eloquently speaking Spanish, but there are some really great people in this little city I never expect to meet. Great people who are willing to listen to me read an erotica out loud, and then promptly decide to investigate for themselves.

We bonded over music and books. These things DO HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE *flails* :D

3) I finally saw How To Train Your Dragon the other night, and had the amusing realization that it technically ends the same way Salvation, the unwritten sequel to my Redemption, would have ended. Heh. (Well, mine had a higher body count. Also, yeah, I know this is lame but it's not like I can geek out about this with anyone but myself)

I made sure to watch it with my family last Sunday since this week I'm probably going to see the sequel with a couple of friends. We went to the movies last Saturday, (Woo, Edge of Tomorrow!) and were reminded of the movie.

Ren proudly holding onto Toothless.
Hopefully we go back to this cinema. It was a bitch to find,
especially since Ren's GPS decided not to work, but it was totes worth it

4) Watching episode eight of Game of Thrones nearly drove me over the edge. And I read the books >_> It didn't stop me from tearing apart my shirt in a fit of frustration, followed by a pained NOOOOOOOOOO OH GOD I LOVED YOU SO MUCH...
I've had this shirt since I was twelve.
Who knew GOT would make me abuse it?

5) This one is actually not so random. It's midnight, but I refuse to stay up till 6:30 in the morning again so I'm wrapping things up here. I have to stop pulling all-nighters. I don't know if they're worthwhile because it's not like I write ten thousand words in one night. That, apparently, takes me about a week. At least, according to my back-ups. But I digress.

I have to push on before I lose what little spark I have left for this story. It's not that I don't enjoy writing it anymore, or that I somehow came to detest it. It's just that I'm suddenly a little too aware of its faults. Its many....many, many, many faults. Plot, grammar, prose, character, pacing, mythology, dialogue-ish faults.

First drafts suck. That's the way it's always been. And I know that.

But it's getting to be a little annoying having to repeat, you will fix this later, you will fix this later, you will fix this later every time I type a sentence. It's driving me crazy and discourages me for about twenty seconds. Which might not seem like a lot if it wasn't hitting me every time I came to a pause.

I'm not giving up, though. I'll finish this. Even if I fry my brain through the lack of sleep or end up eating too much crap that's bad for me >_>

Here's hoping next update's a good one :I


  1. How To Train Your Dragon is a good movie but I hate the protagonist’s voice. And it sounds less like a kid’s movie and more like a 90s educational masturbation instruction video.

    This might cheer you up if you haven’t seen it already -

    It’s the denial version of the Oberyn fight where he gets the ending we all wanted. Why the hell did we let ourselves get attached to him when we knew what was coming?!

  2. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Go watch episode niiiine

  3. @Drake: The denial version ;-; It managed to calm me, but then I occasionally get hit with the regular AIWEHRARE OBERYN
    Yeah, Hiccup's voice was annoying >_> And I don't particularly like that actor, but at least I'm still happy with the movie.

    @Anon!Silvia: I willll Dx


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- Carl Sagan, in his message to future explorers of Mars.