Friday, August 22, 2014

Back In College

I didn't get to start the third edits or complete the rewrite of the ending for Millennium Girl before the semester started. But despite a hectic couple of sleep-deprived days with my mother as my only companion, I managed to get moved into my dorm, unpack and decorate. HOPEFULLY fix a problem with Financial Aid, and meet one roommate (my second roomie moves in on Saturday).

It's been a busy week, but I'm settling in a lot better now. I'm a little nervous about classes, but the sleep deprivation is kind of overriding that feeling :P

I'll return to regular editing and writing and blogging from now on. And hopefully finish a 30 Week Blog Challenge. Might have to give up on the last one because I'm lame >.> But chu know. There's always newer and better things on the horizon.

Obligatory photos! This is just my room--my dorm/apartment has two bathrooms, three bedrooms (and a mysterious fourth one sealed off @_@), a kitchen, and a living room. Pretty cool :D

Forgive the clothes hanging off the chair. I'd just finished changing >>
I have more space now o-e Turns out I still
don't have as much clothes as I think I do,
EDIT: It did manage to fill out the dresser in the other picture,
which is also currently holding my books.
My mom bought me a comforter after she saw the state of
the blanket from last semester. Holes everywhere. Heh.

I know, it looks kind of empty o-e I'm not the kind to put up posters and photographs on the wall--though I might decorate the shit out of it for Halloween and Christmas and maybe even Valentine's Day and stuff.

Here's hoping for a great second (and last) year :D

EDIT: Heh, after my second roommate moved in, the freezer got fully stocked. Both my roomates have a bunch of precooked food and frozen instant stuff. Out of this, only the two bags of meat in the right corner are mine.

But granted, I did claim top shelf >.> all my fruits, veggies, drinks, sandwhich and egg stuff...

Here's also some emtpy-ish pictures of the living area I took when I arrived. Sorry for the poor lighting.


  1. Anonymous12:05 PM

    ... you took two suitcases and that's all the clothes that there are? o-e I would have thought it would have at least filled your closet...

    1. There's more in the drawers, woman @_@

    2. Anonymous12:09 PM

      The drawers are not full either @_@

    3. Not the pink plastic ones, yo. The ones behind the desk, with the books set on top of them.

    4. Anonymous12:13 PM

      Oh @_@ Ok then. I forfeit.

    5. *kicks* Doubting me so much... @_@

    6. Anonymous1:38 PM

      Why are you kicking your poor anonymous reader? @_@ Blogger abuse!


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