Friday, September 26, 2014

New Voices

First: My wall of sticky-notes is getting out of control @_@ It's going to be a pain to take down...though some of the cheap notes are already trying to make escapes. We'll see how much of this room I can cover before my senior year ends >.> (Pictures to come soon >.>)

Now random updating stuff: I'm relistening to NIN's Year Zero and The Fragile (MY FAVORITEE) albums o-e They've been helping me a lot lately in the planning of this novel.

As has Pinterest >.> I finally succumbed and created one so I can have a ton of reference/inspiration pictures for NaNo. Here's the link. I mostly did it to find varying designs for robots and exo suits for Amber. But also, clothes >.> I figured out everyone's fashion style. Welp. Except Saito and Amber, who...don't seem to have a sense of style. Because they're lame like that..

It also inspired a certain new robot character >.> It took me like five days to find a name for him, and in fact, I still can't decide. It's between Silentius and Silentium, taken from this Arthurian 13th century French romance I read called Silence. It's awesome, and about a cross dressing knight and Merlin being a (deadly) dick to someone who's trying to figure out their gender identity. Awww yeh.

And I swear, it makes sense for my robot to have this name. For a number of reasons, but mostly because he's...a chivalrous knight, in a way. Think a Don Quijote type of situation.Actually, I'm really in love with all the designs/art I've been finding in these boards. Sure, there's the occasional Super Sexy Robot Girl Who's Half Naked and Probably Wearing Heels, but there's also some really good combat suit designs. They're a bit form fitting, but it's the same for the male ones, so I've got no complains. And it just looks gorgeous.

Ahhh, so pumped for this novel.

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- Carl Sagan, in his message to future explorers of Mars.