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30 Week Writing Survey - Week 10: Weird Situations

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I finished my outline :D

It starts with the yellow line of post-its (the lighting is so bad you might not be able to see it) ending right at the tip of the door handle. It continues with the lime green at the far right side. It's super vague--the further down you go, the vaguer it gets. And I have no idea how long certain sections will be, and I'm missing some stuff.

But it's there, and I can use it or ignore it or alter it as much as I want. Finally, I've got some guidance.

This is the other wall:
Sorry, weird angle. And it's kinda grainy.
My phone's camera was being a meany-head.
That slightly longer bottom line of post-it notes is my Numbers Line o-e It's where I wrote down the binary planets' radius, length of day, surface gravity, distance, etc. And I have the stats of some solar system objects (Earth, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Pluto, Charon, Titan, Europa, etc) in there for comparison's sake.

There's still a lot I haven't figured out. And NaNo is closing in, less than a week away. But I made a new friend in the NaNoWriMo forums and we've been bouncing ideas and concepts off each other.  I have enough groundwork to get started.


But anyways, enough updates. Moving onto to the survey~

QUESTION 10: What are some really weird situations your characters have been in? Everything from serious canon scenes to meme questions counts!

I'm having some trouble remembering weird situations, since I'm not too good a judge on what's weird or what isn't. These are some of the ones I've decided on, though not for all my stories o-e

Only one.
  • Hitomi jumps out of a moving vehicle, tackles a Hunter (genetically enhanced SOMNUS soldier), and somehow shoves her handgun between his eyes and kills him before he can react. She's...not in the best of states afterwards.

Again, just one I can think of:
  • It starts off with a strange, purple-haired, bloodied woman climbing into Caesar's bedroom through his window. 
    • And it sounds even creepier when phrased like that. Will it help to say she knocked and waited for him to let her in?

Millennium Girl
There aren't too many, just some that sound odd out of context.
  • Lilith drops the line "Can I please use your door? I'd like to minimize the number of times I climb out of windows," in casual conversation. 
    • They're in the eighth floor. (And that fact doesn't matter to her).
  • A day of "practicing" involves Lilith continuously jumping off the twentieth floor of a still-in-construction building while Yuki times her.
  • Lilith punches out a mirror then darts out a house with no explanation. She spends like twenty minutes running away.
  • she gets the motorcycle >_>
  • That whole scene where Ansel "shows" her their origins.
  • Everything that happens after Lilith blows up the abandoned shack.
  • Honestly, the number of times Lilith ends up naked/in her underwear in this book is a bit disturbing. But there's only so much clothes can survive.

Enkindled With Chains (novella)
  • Not counting all the odd things Dream sees upon arrival, the first individual she talks to is a slightly hot tempered doll.
    • And she offers to help Dream out for no reason other than the fact that she just kind of wants an owner.
    • And they decide the best form of transportation for the doll is if she's tied to Dream's waist.
  • Dream walks around with only one shoe for the entire story.
    • She arrived to Enkindle barefoot, and then some shoemaker guy on the road was so disgusted by this that he throws a single boot at her face.
      • And it fits perfectly.
  • Dream shoves her hand into a hole on the ground and pulls out a crow 
    • A hundred of 'em try to gnaw her hand out before she manages to get the one.
  • Dream and Muñequita have to take the main road and walk to Nowhere from Somewhere to find the dragon.
  • There's a robot with a visible, black heart coated in oil, pumping at the center of his metallic chest.
  • The jester. Just...just the jester. 
    • This guy jumps around everywhere, talks ten million words a minute, insults/compliments Dream's appearance in one breath, and, oh yeah, harvests the organs of humans and stitches them up to build a giant. 
    • His entire scene at the school is one weird situation.
  • Dream gets punched, square in the chest, by a dragon.
    • He hits her with his snout. I called this bit the Nose-Punch of Destiny.
  • She blows up another dragon a few pages later.
    • Thank god she has good aim or that plan of "throw the flammable liquid into her mouth a split second before she breathes fire" would have never worked.
  • Cervantes wears a cool old Spanish knight armor. Except it's not an armor anymore. It's becoming his body. It's very Fullmetal Alchemist. (They try to take his glove off and just find empty space).
  • Dream's gradual "transformation." It's a bit creepy on top of weird.

From the short stories:
Daylight Runaway
  • Ophelia deciding to leave home, dragging along her imaginary friend, packing a gun and tiny shorts, all at the age of thirteen.
    • On Christmas Eve.
  • She accepts a ride from an odd woman calling herself Caroline Rose--who refuses to take off her motorcycle helmet even when they get to the city and into her apartment.
    • And she somehow seems to know of Tommy, Ophelia's imaginary friend.
      • No matter how much Ophelia denies his existence.
  • Ophelia uses Caroline's bathroom to clean up. In there, Tommy loses it--still angry at the situation--and starts to wreak havoc.
    • So they get into a screaming match.
      • Which Caroline finds hilarious.
  • At the urging of Tommy, Ophelia asks Caroline pointblank if she's getting sold into human trafficking. (Y'know, just in case).
  • Caroline's apartment is mostly composed of unfinished watercolor paintings of exploding suns or nebulae.
    • Which then start to melt.
    • Just as the lights in the city are going off.
  • The trio slide down the curve of the building to escape the melting paint.
  • The paint grows so much in number it floods and covers the entire city.
  • Motorcycle on the rooftops!
  • The lights start accumulating inside a single building.
    • So Ophelia's plan is to, what else, shoot out a window to let the light out.
      • While she's in the back of Caroline's motorcycle.
      • And then...just everything that happens after that. 

The Way Out Is Through and Her Singularity (short stories with characters from the NaNo novel. Though TWOIT is no longer canon >.>)
  • Cyrano simultaneously trying to convince Valentine to stay as an engineer while telling Kaede to piss off because he doesn't need a pilot.
    • In separate rooms, without either of the girls knowing of each other.
    • (Granted, he's an AI operating the entire ship, so it's not so difficult to have multiple conversations on different channels/areas).
  • Kaede immediately deciding she's all up for finding The Earth That Was. (Because yolo?)
  • Kaede and Valentine trying to get to the launch room in an attempt to prevent the impending double homicide.
  • Isadora telling Dr. Monroe point blank that she could trigger a nuclear holocaust if she wanted to.
    • And Monroe just kind of laughing it off.

Rhyme and Reason (fairy tale)
  • The little girl finding the giant and asking if he'll make her a friend.
  • The giant using a knife to saw her in half and split her in two.
  • Sending the now-pair-of-girls on a mission to get his house back from a witch of the woods.
  • Tricking the witch into thinking there's only one person there so she can lure Rhyme in and then Reason can attack.

Andddd that's all I can think of o-e Daylight and Enkindled might be my favorites >.>


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    .... These should just be the summary flaps of your books @_@

    1. Hell yeah. Instant best sellers D:<


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