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30 Week Writing Survey - Week 16: Romance

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HOMEEEE. I am homeeeeeeee :D

I've never gotten on a plane all by myself but I DID EEET. Did not accidentally board a flight to Zimbabwe or get my luggage sent to South Korea, so clearly, I have accomplished a great Adult Thing.

Before I left my dorm room, I took this quick picture of the presents I got my family:

And yes, I'm going to be wearing that little headband the rest of December >.> Try and stop me.

Obligatory airport/plane/adventure pictures:

Have I ever mentioned how much I love airports? Maybe it's because I've only been on them like...less than five times all my life, but they're sooo cool. I love the little sitting areas and I love the cafes and I get so happy seeing people move around everywhere with their luggage. I dun even know why. It just makes me all joyous.

I have more pictures of stuff my mom gave me. She's been knitting me a million hats and sweaters, but I'll probably show those off later >>

And because there's already going to be a lot of posts this December and I have games to play and books to read and friends to tackle and an apartment to clean, I'll probably skip the next few weekly challenges. I'll pick them right back up come January, though >.> Cuz I dun wanna abandon another survey.

But at least here's the 16th week answer! :D

QUESTION 16: Do you write romantic relationships? How do you do with those, and how “far” are you willing to go in your writing? ;)

The level of romance in my novels has gone down a lot, but on the off chance it's happened, I think I've managed to mature the relationships a little bit the older I grow. (Uh. Hopefully). I'm only going to talk about some from the past rather than the more recent ones:

In the original The Night Kingdom, there's no focus on romance, though Arkana and Jacob are develop crushes on each other, which, in a 20-years-later epilogue*, ends in marriage. (Ignore the fact that he's a Prince and she's a, well, "heathen witch" who hasn't got a drop of royal blood in her. Yeahhh, great job with that 12-year-old author-me.) Later drafts made this a more focused romance, but it also brought up a lot more problems for them, since they start out as enemies, and Jacob's side is responsible for the genocide of Arkana's people. It's no wonder those two have issues >_>

My fanfictions had the most romance, so Broken and Miss Murder take that top spot. The YA contemporary I wrote in 8th grade, creatively titled The Band, had a romance between the lead guitarist girl and her vocalist. However, if I ever rewrite this, there's a 90% chance this relationship will be a lot more flawed and might end in their break up. The original was just too...shoujo-y. Cute confused feelings and then kissing and never a conflict in sight after they get together. I'd rather write something a tad more realistic than something cute.

With the RP's, a lot of the conflict between Legion and Dragon involves the fallout after the romance. She loved him, he loved her, he betrayed her, she's going to get her revenge. It's very Bill vs. The Bride >.>

The cutest thing ever, though, was Dream's eventual relationship with Spirit. THOSE TWO ARE ADORABLE, even though Carp and I have talked about how it's not the best kind of relationship. Spirit idolizes Dream too much and, in a way, Dream idolizes Spirit too. They love each other, but they'll never admit the other one has any faults, which can prove problematic.

Ataraxia had nothing except for mentions of Charlie and Xuan's marriage, which I think is rather sweet when Xuan talks about it.

As for how "far" I take it, I've made it clear which characters are and aren't having sex, but I don't write explicit scenes >_> Because I know how quickly I'd mess that up. Oh! And weirdly enough, I have some characters that mention having worked in the sex industry through several periods of their life, BUT still no erotica from me.

Cuz that'd be awkward.

*Or was it 10 years later? Pfft. Dun remember. It's still dumb >.>

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