Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!!!

Now Playing: Rob Scallon (w/ Doug Walker) - I Fucking Love Christmas

^I've been overplaying that Christmas song all December.

Yesterday I rambled about peace and serenity and blah, so today IT'S JUST JOYYY. Another reason to love this holiday. It can be all whimsical and magical and sweet or it can be so fucking weird and energized. I'm still a bit bouncy--though that might be the three cups of coffee and two cokes I drowned with the Chinese food. Been a bouncing mess everywhere.

So quick things with a picture heavy post!

First, Legend of Korra ended last Friday, and as sad as I am to see such a great show go, I'm also bouncing around at the fact that Korrasami actually, no bullshit, creator confirmed, became canon in the cutest way possible.

So here's some fanart found on tumblr so you can share my happiness :D

*disco dances*

And yeah, a ton of stuff happened in that episode, and Kuvira was the best villain ever, and the Avatar world just continues to be my favorite thing in existence--but I'm just really happy for that one moment. I don't know how many times I've replayed that last minute, but it just gets cuter every time. Fanfiction in the next few weeks is going to be divine~

Second, Silvia's birthday, on the 20th. We went to the shooting range, then to dinner, and then back at her house for present exchange and cake. Twas awesome:

Cautiously eyeing armed!Silvia in this picture--she demonstrated
deadly accuracy with the AR-15...and a hate of the binder clips holding up our targets >_>

Silvia and Ren got me an awesome N7 hoodie which I've been obsessively wearing. My brother almost dueled me for it >.>

Third, my Christmas decorations in my room. Because we were fixing up the living room for so long, we couldn't put the tree up till about the 23rd. I love Christmas too much to let it go undecorated, so as soon as was possible, I decorated my room (with my new desk--which is just the old living room desk) with lights, a snow globe, tiny tree, whatever I could think of!

I also suddenly feel like starting a masquerade mask collection.
(The plague doctor one is my brother's--the frilly white one is mine.
We bought them two or three Halloween's ago.)

(That's a collection of Charles Dickens stories.
Obviously, it's opened to A Christmas Carol).
Fourth, presents!
I woke up at around 5:30 am and went to the tree half an hour later.
Isn't it pretty? :D

So I have to pause to talk about this. I did ask my dad to get me the To Boldly Flee DVD even though he's generally against purchasing DVD's. (He doesn't watch movies a million times like I do). But I really wanted this one for the behind the scenes, bloopers, and commentaries. I really admire Doug Walker and I don't mind supporting him and his little movies.


Not only did my dad keep me in the dark about whether or not he would actually get it, I had no idea he and my mom had not just purchased a sign copy of the DVD but also a little photograph with some of the Channel Awesome producers. (I recognize the clothes some of them are wearing from interviews they did last Christmas, which just makes it kind of funny and cool).

My dad said he sent them a message too telling them how much I like their work and with a link to this blog. I doubt anyone actually went here since they probably get spammed with a million links to blogs and YouTube pages and whatever, but it's such a nice gesture on behalf of my parents that I felt like gushing about it here.

Anyways, the classic presents: books and clothes!

Amazon disappeared a couple more books--including the third Halo novel in
the Forerunner Trilogy--so my parents will have to fight for a refund later.
Still, I got a lot!
I now officially have two red starfleet dresses.
I didn't take pictures of the Christmas dinner from the 24th, sadly enough, but suffice to say it was delicious. (And it was turkey, since my parents accidentally had ham for Thanksgiving and I had chicken out of laziness).

Been playing a lot of Destiny and Dragon Age: Inquisition too. I kind of love the black lipstick with these girls for some reason. I might make this a thing...

(Can you see the purple in her eyes? :D)

They're both ranged fighters, rogues who use explosions and black lipstick (my author appeal in that regard). Serena--my inquisitor--is an archer, while my as-of-yet-unnamed guardian is fond of sniper rifles.

And I'm gushing about them...for...reasons that may end up connecting back here in the future :D

It's been funnnn. I've been mostly going through the To Boldly Flee DVD and wearing my N7 hoodie and reindeer headband. Had a fun Christmas this year, and though I'm sad to see the day come to an end, I get to panic about 2015 now.


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