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30 Week Writing Survey - Week 17: Protagonist

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I'm going to try and do this even though I have to start packing and stuff. School is starting so...*panic*

But at least I'm picking up the weekly survey again~

QUESTION 17: Favorite protagonist and why! 

D:< Ask me to pick my favorite child, why don't you?

No jk. I'm sure I can pick. Uh...err...

Okay, okay. I could ramble and ramble and ramble about every single character/protagonist of mine, but I don't want this post to be two hundred pages long.

So I'll pick Caesar, from Ataraxia.

Gushing begins here: A lot of the time, my protagonists are adults who have to deal with past mistakes, or with reevaluating things they've done or how they've acted or what their future might be. Caesar is young. He's in the thick of the action while also not exactly capable of putting up a fight against fully grown people that might try to harm him. While he's an orphan, Caesar was lucky enough to have two foster fathers that care about him and want to adopt him, but he rejects them often and is confused about his place in the world. The death of his parents still affect him, and he's incapable of feeling comfortable within close proximity of people.

He is a lot more prone to follow people's orders, but he's also always trying to prove himself to them, trying to show that he's not useless. It's pretty easy to offend or anger him, by insulting him, talking badly about his foster family or his birth family, or trying to harm Sonya. It was actually kind of amusing to see him snap after the halfway point and become more assertive and outspoken.

While circumstances places him in dangerous situations, he's never at a standstill. He's always moving forward. He's young, but he's also often willing to shoulder great responsibility. He's not incredibly inquisitive in the beginning, but that's mostly because he's trying to focus on developing his powers, and is a tad oblivious to the world around him after living a pretty sheltered and safe life. While Caesar is often nicknamed the Prodigy for his great abilities, he still has to work hard and suffer a lot before he gets better.

Caesar is one of the closest characters I have written as being a true hero. I reject the idea that the only way a character can be interesting is by being a Deep, Troubled, Brooding Man of the Shadows with a Dark Past. I do love my antiheroes, and I agree that flawless characters are boring. But good people are not, and Caesar helped prove that to me. I really miss him and Sonya.

...okay, wow, it does sound like I'm gushing about my child >.> Sorry 'bout that.

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