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30 Week Writing Survey - Week 19: Minor Character

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I keep getting assaulted by the idea of dying my hair again--at least a strand or something--before I graduate and neon pink hair becomes a no-no in the business world.

But look at my poor curls:
Descentttt into burnt blonde >:(
Dx they're still recuperating...oh what should I do?

ALSO, I forgot to mention last time--on top of a bunch of reading and writing assignments for the creative writing workshop class, we have a project presentation (15-18 minutes long) about something we're passionate about. And after some thinking and whining to Silvia, I've decided on a thing--I'm gonna do it on Halo >> I ordered a poster, have a book to show to class, and hopefully two to three clips if my professor allows me to use the computer--and they'll be the Starry Night trailer, Covenant Bomb clip from the second game (remastered), and maybe the Halo 4 prologue. I can talk so much about my background with the series and gush about Master Chief being my childhood hero for hoursss, so my attempt to be concise will probably end up being the required 18 minutes ;D

That presentation won't be for a while. I got elected for Week 7 (HOW. FITTING >D). And then two weeks later my story goes up for workshop.

The poster I ordered has this image. (Though proportions are a bit different).
Hopefully it looks super cool when it arrives.

It's pretty blatant what I'm trying to do--open up the class to the idea of sci-fi being really integral to the human experience and emotion on top of often being pretty grandiose--but hey, not like I can be stopped, right? It's required that we're super mega into the thing we're presenting, that we should be hyped as hell and energetic, and practically convince the rest of the class to be into it as much as we are. So that makes Halo freaking perfect. People have their Star Wars and Star Trek and their Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, etc, and I have Halo. Gotta spread the love.

And random note before I move on--this tweet by NASA is so freaking cute...
Now, back to the survey~

Original Challenge!

QUESTION 19: Favorite minor character that decided to shove themself into the spotlight and why! 

Y'know what? I'mma just make it official. IT'S ATARAXIA MONTH. I'm gonna keep bragging about that book for some mystical reason and no one can stop meeeeeeeh.

I'm surprise I almost never talk about dis guy, because I absolutely adored Xuan. He only showed up at the eleventh hour of the book--though he's been mentioned before as the husband of a woman named Charlie, whom Katya fought and executed. I was afraid I'd write him badly and he'd be a stereotypical Evil Albino, but I think I managed to keep him on the grey scale of morality (or as much as I could, since it is a pretty flawed first draft). He's on the darker side of that grey, a criminal after revenge who sees no fault in outright harming people or letting others come to harm.

But he's not a brute. Once Xuan listens to Sonya, he realizes she's trying to come up with a compromise and he doesn't harm her out of pure blinding rage despite what's happened before. He also never harms Caesar and is very kind to the boy. He's open minded and is a strong leader to those who've chosen to follow him.

Xuan is also a bit educated. He explains to Caesar the concept of ataraxia, which leads to a better understanding of how to trigger his powers.

Though he helps and is friendly with Caesar, he's still smart to keep his guard up around Sonya even when they're working together. He's not the savior of humanity, but he doesn't want to be.

He's so, so snarky, which I loved. And even though he tries to hide it often, it's obvious he's still grieving after the death of Charlie. It's clear to me that he loved her deeply even though they never share a scene together. He's not the greatest fighter and Katya exploits his weaknesses in battle, but he's smart and cunning and manages to put up a good fight.

And I really hope I see him some day again >.> One way or another.


  1. Anonymous11:13 PM

    Halooo! And... any excuse for a poster @_@ A grade is a good cause.

    1. Yiss. I may hesitate to spend 5 dollars just for decoration. But 5 dollars for a class? I practically have no choice <.<


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- Carl Sagan, in his message to future explorers of Mars.