Monday, January 26, 2015

30 Week Writing Survey - Week 20: Interactions

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I've been spending an awful lot of time avoiding schoolwork this weekend. I don't really have a lot, but I should be reading for classes and working on Serena's short story*. Three pages doesn't allow for much room of action or conflict, so I just went with the flow and hoped for the best. Now I'm left wondering if my professor will find both my stories too similar to each other and she'll give me the disapproval glare and wagging finger >_> Also, how the hell do I introduce Serena's name if I'm obliged to make this version in first person? The only other sentient being she interacts with is a dragon, and they sure as hell don't exchange pleasantries. Ughhh. I hate first person. At least I get to rewrite it in third for next week.

Good news is I got titles for both of the stories. Serena's story for my remix/style exercises is called Oculus and I'm definitely sticking with Pulse for Breathtaker's story. I usually dislike one word titles for novels, but they come up a lot more often in short stories. And they seem to work better :P

*I spoke with like two other classmates in the last week or so, and was super happy to hear they hadn't written nor even started their assignments. NO GUILT, BABY. We're all last-minute people. My professor will probably notice, but I spent the first few days trying to figure out a plot to shove into three pages. Damn restrictions >_> restrictions that actually fall into super vague instructions...

But yeah. I barely did anything this weekend Dx Hopefully I don't suffer this week for that.

QUESTION 20: What are your favorite character interactions to write? (Arguments? Love scenes? Brawls?) 

You'd think it'd be fight scenes, since I can't get away from them. But that's somehow a sort of favorite and yet the most painful thing ever--I never know if I'm doing it right. Like, am I going too fast and making it too vague? Is it the equivalent of the super stupid shaky cam that's done in action scenes? Or am I slowing down too much in the details and not really letting the scene carry any momentum or sense of urgency? So it becomes the super annoying unnecessary slow-mo version of things? And...are some of these moves feasible? Too much, too little? And what about repetition?

So not brawls. They stress me out.

I considered picking just casual conversations too, but I also struggle to keep the voices consistent if I've just barely gotten to know the people, and in rewrites there's a lot I have to take out or alter. Sometimes they fidget around too much, and sometimes it's just sentence after sentence after sentence of uninterrupted talking. So that's also a struggle.

But after I thought a bit about my current and past novels, I figured it out: moments without any speaking or complications, just people keeping one another company. Those are my favorite interactions.

Ex: Two characters sitting at a cafe after a long day, eating croissants and sipping coffee. Three girls giggling or exchanging smiles while they're all stuffed inside a shuttle or a closet of a bedroom. Friends piling up over a small love seat couch to watch a German movie on a tiny screen. At an alley, one person spray painting on a wall while two others keep her company by hanging out on the sidewalk and watching her work. Two people resting underneath a crimson tree in an alien planet. Wandering through a forest. Friends or a crew staring out the window of a bus or starship, entranced by the scenery.

I have a lot of those moments, and I think I'm really fond of them. I'm fond of conversations too, but I like scenes that can go on for a bit with as little to no dialogue while still involving two people sharing some kind of emotional connection or goal. They're difficult, but they're nice. And I like the silence.


  1. Anonymous8:19 PM

    I feel you on the weird homework avoidance o-e I managed to waste the whole weekend fixing computer problems I made myself and made progressively worse >_>

    Ehh, I would have totally thought that you'd be all for the fight scenes o-o but those kinds of quite moments are super cute~

    1. Oh man D: Computer problems are the worst. Whenever my laptop starts acting up, I just abandon everything and focus on it. Cuz priorities.

      I should be Dx I always find a way to include at least one fight scene in my books. But like I said, they cause me too much pain and anxiety. Maybe one day I'll become a mega master of fight scenes and I'll just full on adore writing them without the stresssss.


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