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Happy New Years! It's 2015, and I'm back to freaking out about school and graduating and whatever else. Loans are gonna bury me alive if rejection letters don't get there first, but that's actually a negative from a positive--I will graduate on time (OH PLEASE GOD) and I will start querying (NO BACKING DOWN ON THIS ONE). So...yayyyy for 2015?

First, a quick review. Last year, these were my resolutions for 2014.
  • Get straight A's (or with one B) in the next two semesters [✓] 
    • No B's!
  • Finish a novel before November [✓] 
    • That honor goes to Millennium Girl.
  • Win NaNoWriMo [✓] 
    • Vanguard's Exodus--though it's not yet done by any means.
  • Read over 50 books [✗] 
    • DAMMIT. I fell like 10 books short...T_T
  • Get into an internship and/or a 4000 level workshop class [✓] 
    • workshop, not internship >_>
  • Do well in my school's lit magazine [✓] 
    • whatever the hell "do well" means. I've fought for stories I loved and had some nice conversations with my

Welp. Uhhhhh. That books one is kind of embarrassing >_> Now granted, school reading is actually an annoying thing that gets in the way, fanfiction doesn't count (and who knows how many Dragon Age: Inquisition and The 100 fics I've read by now) and neither do Destiny's Grimoire cards (so gooood). But it's NO EXCUSE. I should be reading more! It's pathetic of me to fall so behind. So I'm going to try again. I'd hoped to bump it up to 60, and then keep doing that every new year, but I won't make the count above 50 till I've actually managed that goal. And it's not a difficult goal, I've just been slacking.

That said, I still did pretty well. The writing ones were especially nerve racking back then, but the fact that I managed them gives me a lot of hope for the near future. I managed to finish Millennium Girl's first draft and get some good feedback on it and got a good start on Vanguard's Exodus, so 2014 is my most successful writing year SO FAR :D

But yes. My 2014 resolutions were good but improvements can and should be made. 2013's resolutions were too ambitious/ridiculous. 2014 aren't nearly as ambitious. (Plus, that last one's kind of vague.) I should try a balance.

So my 2015 resolutions are:
  • Read over 50 books.
    • Generally more adult speculative fiction. It is my market, after all :P
  • Make the President's List for spring semester and graduate with a GPA above 3.9 
    • (and ON TIME. None of this "staying an extra semester" BS!)
  • Get a job!
  • Start paying back student loans and saving for an apartment of my own.
    • Is that too much? Maybe just start paying back student loans...but it's not like I have any choice with that.
  • Finish Vanguard's Exodus.
  • Polish up both Millennium Girl and Vanguard's Exodus--multiple rewrites and some beta reading for MG.
  • Start querying literary agents.
    • ^This one is admittedly a bit lenient. Like I said, if I send a single query letter the day before I turn 20, I'll consider this goal met.
  • Start planning for new novel. Get at least the outline or character sheets written down before the year ends. 
    • (I will forgive myself if I don't write yet another novel come 2015. It's going to be a busy year with other writing stuff, after all)

I left NaNoWriMo off the list just in case I don't have time to write it. I have no idea how my life is going to be post college, so who knows what shenanigans I'll be doing come November. Hopefully nothing soul crushingly horrible...but chu never know.

Here's to a great year! I'm sure there'll be a lot of despair and frustration, but I doubt that's the kind of thing I can avoid. And I always have this blog to rant on :D

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