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30 Week Writing Survey - Week 21: Children

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Before anything, I gotta geek out: my Master Chief poster got here last week! I won't be presenting for a while, so I've taped it to the last empty wall of my room:

This side isn't as empty anymore:

It looks so much cooler than the sample picture. It came in a long cardboard tube, and I ended up wandering around campus all day with it, accidentally whacking people on the legs >_> I got home late, but when I finally got to unravel it, I was all



Only other thing to say is that I figured out a name for Bree's mom: Magnetic Truth Over The Eventide. Mag, for short ;P I also have Bree's dad's name, but I don't know if that's making it into the story seeing as how I'm trying to cut down on details. (And he's already dead, sooo mom name gets priority).

I can hear someone rolling their eyes already. Shhhh. I like it >.> Rule of Cool and Awesome McCoolname bichees <.<

And that's it for updates >.> Survey resumes!

QUESTION 21: Do any of your characters have children? How well do you write them/how comfortable do you feel writing them?

Not too many. My characters are either too young to have children (which in my head means anyone below the age of 30) and when they're older, they have different priorities not involving families or pregnancies. I can't really think of many of my MC's who'd even want children.

In The Night Kingdom, Beatrice and Arkana have a really close mother-daughter relationship, and the one I have focused on the most. In the original draft Arkana's very young and mostly just follows her mother around, but they have their conflicts. In rewrites, they get into more arguments and have fights because Arkana's a teenager and has formed a lot more opinions that differ from Beatrice's. It'd be nice to explore that again if I ever get back to it. In fact, their mother-daughter dynamic might have followed me around into other stories.

Redemption's Hitomi had a baby girl with Marcus whom they named Kazumi. This might not count as canon, since I scribbled a few epilogues involving the early stages of the family in notebooks, but never in the story. I think back then I was really fascinated with trying to figure out how Hitomi would have dealt with a pregnancy after all the trauma she'd experienced. She was suffering from PTSD and had lost her leg in the final fight, and while it wasn't a Babies Make Everything Better situation, I think she was ultimately happy to know she'd be a mother. Happy and really, really frightened.

I kind of want to write about a young mother one of these days. Like...super young by my standards--late adolescence or early adulthood. And I want to write about pregnancy in a realistic way, maybe in an unusual setting. It has to be as true to life as possible, since it really annoys me how easily pregnancy is romanticized by people in fiction and in real life. And while I certainly don't ever want to experience it myself, I think I'd still find it fascinating to write about :P Pregnancy, childbirth, and dealing with a newborn. So much fun, no?

But that's a tale to be left untold until I'm ready to dive in head on--and that probably won't be for a while.

As for the second part of that question, I think I'm okay at writing children. Not any better or worse than most other ages.

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