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30 Week Writing Survey - Week 22: Never Before Written Scenes

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Did I mention that Romero, my microwave, is actively trying to kill itself? I think a fuse is blown or something--it's been throwing sparks anywhere. I was trying to see if I can fix it earlier this week, but the second I texted my dad to ask about switching the fuses, he was like DON'T TOUCH IT. And then after some back and forth, my mom sent me a text going DON'T TOUCH IT WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

It would suck if I died in my last semester of college because of a microwave. But now I can't reheat food. How else do college kids eat?! Sigh. Poor Romero...Maybe I shouldn't have named him after a zombie movie director. That's gotta be an omen.

Apart from the sadness of the microwave, I'm a bit sad about something school related too--last week for the creative writing workshop, my small group was really good. That might just have been because it was with a dude called Seth who loves movies like the The Room and with this cool girl called Savannah, whom I've had for classes before who's super friendly and likes all kinds of fiction. (Also, I have a suspicion that Seth watches some Channel Awesome producers. He kept mentioning movies Oancitizen has reviewed).

Neither of them were ever once confused about the imagery in Eidolons, and they liked the world building! Which is actually both good and bad. The world building was probably good because it's the world building from VE. Oculus won't have that advantage. Hmmm. Maybe I should try to add more...? Or just focus on character...? I don't have room to overdo it and Pulse will already have the world building galore.

But anyways--I'm sad because we're getting shuffled around for next workshop. I kind of wish we would just stay with the groups from last time D:

Oh, but both Savannah and Seth totally found the ending creepy.

I...I kinda thought it was a cute moment for Cyrano and Luna >.> But I was also referencing the They're Made Out of Meat story by Terry Bisson, so I should have known from the get-go it'd be a creepy moment. Whoops.

Though creative writing is a struggle, my Vampire class might prove to be the most difficult one. We have daily mini quizzes for the reading material which I sometimes don't do super great on, and it, along with my online class, are the only ones that have final and midterm exams. Ughhh. At least the online one is open book/notes, and even if it's a lot of weekly work, it's not terribly hard. Damn last semester...being so challenging >_>

I also got an idea for yet another story. Or well, I got an idea for two characters. But I'm not going to go into that yet. Breathtaker and Serena are a bit of an importance, right below my novel. I don't want to over do it with these ideas >.>

I found a cool little drawing on deviantart that reminds me of Serena. The hair is perfect, as is the shape of the mouth, eyes, while face is veryyy similar. Art is done by user KsenLeman. Here's the link.

I love her expression. Seems super defiant.

Oculus is proving quite enjoyable. And informative. I'm actually learning about archery for it >>

Short answer for the survey question, btw.

QUESTION 22: Tell us about one scene between your characters that you've never written or told anyone about before! Serious or not.

Hmmm. There's so much stuff I still need to revise and do so I have a lot of never before written scenes. I don't know how much it counts if I'm planning on getting them done though...

I have to be hesitant to talk about my current novels because there's always a chance I'll end up including the never before written scenes in rewrites or side stories. But for past work...

Oh! Okay, so in Redemption's sequel, there was going to be a friendship and then possible romance between Bellatrix and Erick, since they're the only teenagers in the group (15 and 17 respectively). I tried to set up something in the original novel that would lead to their initial interactions, which is basically that Bellatrix finds a copy of The Metamorphosis in its original German and hides the book so it won't be burned. After she gets rescued from the Memento Camp and the new group settles in, she still has it with her so she asks Erick--who is from Germany--to read it for her and translate it. He obliges and it gets like MEGA CUTE AFTER THAT.

I'm kind of sad I never got to write those scenes out >.> Those two were such dorks.

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