Monday, March 30, 2015

30 Week Writing Survey - Week 29: Reminders

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I'm setting this as a quick reminder to myself: at the end of this semester, like mid May or something, I think I'm going to sit down and write out a blog post about what I learned, liked, disliked, loved, hated, etc about my brief university life >.> It'll probably be really rant-y and unstructured (cuz that's the kind of blogger I am). Then about a year afterwards, I might do another reflection. Especially when I have to battle unemployment and student loan checks >_>

Also, annoyance stuff: my hair only ever wants to have cute curls at 1:30 am when I can't asleep and when there's no one around to appreciate D:<
But it's okay.
At least selfies document the curls.
I got some colorful hair chalk thingies to put on the blonde ends of my hair. I've been having so much fun with them, the fact that they're designed to be used by  elementary/middle school girl hasn't bothered me a bit. (Maybe I'll take silly selfies of that too).

Last annoyance stuff: I've done everything possible to procrastinate, even though I'm trying to get as much work done in advance so I can get some words into VE before finals crash on me. I'd planned to work through the weekend. Then this happened:

And then, barely a day later...

I do blame Gustavo Santaolalla. Damn it, why is he so talented!? Every time a song from the game sneaks into my playlist, I eye the Archive of Our Own tab or my VE word document. Or just Word or my journals in general.

(As of right now, have not yet looked for/written said 20 Years Later fanfiction. I did spend most of Saturday watching Markiplier's playthrough of the game though).

QUESTION 29: How often do you think about writing? Ever come across something out in the world that reminds you of your story/characters?

Too much... Wayyy too much. It almost feels like I'm constantly thinking about my writing and my characters, and I get weird ideas for future stuff or things that'll happen to them all the time. It's also difficult for me to watch movies or tv shows without occasionally pausing and thinking about a character's development, their relationships, their appearance, etc, and wondering how I would approach so and so with this guy or that girl. Playing video games and reading books is especially deadly, because I love the mediums so much that consuming them means I get inspired while I'm still reading/playing, and I just bounce off the walls with ideas.

Writing pretty much rules my life >_>

I'm constantly rewriting or rethinking stories. I go over little details, of their past, their current actions, their motivations. And y'know how I said I heard Serena complain about my wording because of what it implied about her and Jūn? I hear little things like that all the time--voices or comments or thoughts--and whenever outside things inspire it, it usually comes to me with a bit of delay. As stated, video games, books, movies, tv shows, etc, end up sneaking up on my writing-related-thoughts, but music and real life events do too.

I'll give two examples. (Both of which involve me in a car >.>).

One of the first times it happened (bit of a darker take): on my Freshman year of high school, my dad used to pick me after school so he could come home to have lunch and then go back to work. On the car, we would always listen to NPR, and one time they were doing a story on a rape crises of a particular country. (I forget from where exactly since this was so long ago). At one point, the interviewer was talking about the women victims, what they'd gone through, how they survived, how they had no justice for what was done to them. She kept referring to them as women over and over again, which is why it was such a shock when she said one of said women was an 11-year old girl. The story stayed with me for a while. I'd been writing Redemption for a few months by then. Days or weeks later, after I randomly spaced out in class, I heard someone tell Hitomi that this young girl they both knew had been sexually assaulted.

That was the first time I ever heard Nikki's voice, and the first time I came to know the reason for why Madeleine was mute. It also played a lot into Nikki's back story, not just about her relationship with Madeleine and Vladimir, but also to one of her biggest secrets. I tried to tackle the subject matter as best as I could (I was only thirteen/fourteen when writing that), but the point is that it happened kind of on its own. While listening to the report, I never thought, "I should write about something like this." The initial step happened naturally.

A more recent example: While on one of my many car rides with my mom--I think while going through the traffic-overrun highways to Downtown Miami--we were listening to the music on my phone when the Kill Bill cover of Malagueña Salerosa came on. My mom started singing it (she's musically and vocally trained) and told me about learning the song when she was younger in Ecuador, back when she was taking lessons in a conservatory. The song that followed, The Lonely Shepherd, is also from the Kill Bill soundtrack, and she remembered it was another song that was taught in music lessons.

Many weeks later, while lazing around, I thought randomly about Octavia and where she could be from. At this point, I didn't even know she was a Latina. And I was listening to the music in my phone when Malagueña Salerosa came on, and I saw her play it for Jae-hyun. Because it was in Spanish and she was kind of singing to it, he asked about it, and she explained it's not really a song from her country (since it's of Mexican origin) but she knows the lyrics by memory because she heard it a lot growing up. So right there I realized Octavia was Ecuadorian.

That scene might never make it into a written piece of work, or if it does, not in such a similar way. In fact, when Nikki eventually revealed to Hitomi what happened to Madeleine, the circumstances were a lot different than what I had initially imagined. But they're still important moments of characters sharing information with each other as much as they're sharing it with me.

It's a bit of an odd thing. And I am totally the kind of pretentious jerk that whips out a journal and scrawls on it while mid conversation with someone because LIGHTING STRIKE OF AN IDEA >_> But it's also kind of an unwilling reaction of mine. I can't help but think about the stories/people in my head.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

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I totally planned a long rambling post where I just got all sad and stuff and doubted my future as a writer and blah blah blah because workshop anticipation/fear makes it really difficult for me to have any confidence. And weirdly enough, while workshop was going on I did get really sad because so much of the focus was about the world and questions people had and general confusion. They just really wanted me to clarify certain things and talk more about Crusader culture, the village, the origins of the giant, etc. Which is fine, but I was wondering if, in the prose level, I was failing.

By the time I got home to actually read the individual critique letters I got my answer: nope. Prose is fine. So there went like seven days of worry totally rendered useless.

My prose isn't perfect, obviously. I had some awkward sentence constructions. A lot of repetitions with "he said....she said...he stood...she went...he had...". I also have a lot of stock gestures/phrases I need to get rid of (damn cliches) plus the actual actions that go on in the climax need to be reworked a bit. (I'll have to restructure the choreography, basically. Which is a very warranted criticism since I thought the least about that section). But even though workshop kept focus on the questions and confusion, there was a lot of positive stuff in the critique sheets. What I got out if it is basically that I need to be a bit more on the nose with things. Clarify is the word that came up a lot. On the one hand, I was worried about the opposite problem. I thought I was being wayy too focused on the world building. But turns out I needed even more in some sections and less in others.

Overall, the best part of it is: most people were entertained by it >.> Either they liked the world or they liked the action or they liked the pacing or liked the mother-daughter relationship or just something in general drew them in. And maybeee it's totally shallow thing to talk about, but I'm glad that's the overall consensus. Even if it's a bit of a mess right now, at least it's an entertaining mess. It means I'm in the right track.

I'll probably start revisions now even though I really should give it more time. It's just easier to work while I have the energy rather than put it off for later and have it become more daunting of a task. (Cuz laziness).

So I'm good right now. If the prose is solid, the foundation is solid. I can work up from there.

Monday, March 23, 2015

30 Week Writing Survey - Week 28: Disabilities

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Quick update: While I've been agonizing over the impending workshop, I've been distracting myself. And as a result, I've come up with a couple new characters >_>

I'm thinking along with Serena, Jūn, Breathtaker, Magnetic Truth, and Sunbreaker, there are two more characters who will join them in whatever story is theirs, probably in a science fantasy tale. I know little of them, but I figured out the other day that if this setting involves Earth in any way, the girl, Octavia, is from Ecuador, and is studying medicine. And lololol I'm so nervous. I've never, ever, ever written a character from my own birth country. I have no idea how I'm going to manage. She sounds kind of interesting so far. I mostly see her through the interactions of the second character, who's also kind of young and seems to be working as a mercenary. While thinking about him, I heard him call someone (I think Breathtaker) "Noona", so I realized he's Korean. Over the weekend, I figured out his name: Lee Jae-hyun.

Underneath Amber and Miri's complains that I haven't been writing VE (I'm picking it back up now that the semester's slowing down a bit), I can hear the science fantasy peps talking a lot in the background. At one point, while I was scribbling down ideas for Serena and Jūn, I got kind of sad at the thought that, if Breathtaker's story was straight up sci-fi, there might be a conflict with including Jūn. Not Serena, obviously. Serena's adaptable, she could be in any genre. But Jūn, not so much.

So I was musing in my journal, thinking of how to work things out, and I wrote down something like, "it doesn't seem right to have Serena separated from her dragon-boy." And I heard her shout, wayyyyy in the back of my head, "HE'S NOT MY ANYTHING!"

The glimpses I'm getting of their relationship are soooo cute. Or well. Kinda. It seems mildly complicated, but I can also practically feel her luminescent blush radiating. Ahhh.

We'll see if any of this survives to an actual story. Right now they're just musings. VE is the priority (and then MG).

Also, one last thing: can I just say, I'm so proud of the fact that my line edits/comments are apparently super hilarious to read? In the last Kudzu reading, my fiction editor told everyone that she enjoys going through all of our comments, especially when we start flailing in anger. She said that even if reading a couple of them is a tad painful, we should push on, because "if anything, always go through the stories so you can read Rebeca's comments."

Glad I can entertain so well :P (This girl called Paxton always has really funny comments too. I end up reading her line edits a lot too. Kudzu's been especially fun this semester).

QUESTION 28: Have you ever written a character with physical or mental disabilities? Describe them, and if there's nothing major to speak of, tell us a few smaller ones.

Mostly physical ones here o-e

I've written a couple of people with visual problems. Xuan from Ataraxia had albinism, which affected his vision, though he'd had some surgery for it. He could see, but his eyes were really sensitive to light and being exposed to it gave him massive headaches. He always wore sunglasses wherever he went.

I took this a bit further with Serena from Oculus, who not only has light sensitivity but is also near sighted. It makes her archery...complicated and she's not in a period of time where she can have access to corrective lenses, sunglasses, or surgery. (I think). Serena's skin is also really sensitive to sunlight (sunburns easily, at a high risk of skin cancer) so she mostly hunts at night. If she has to be out and about during the day, she covers up completely and keeps mostly underneath shades.

Hitomi was planned to lose her leg at the end of Salvation, but since I didn't get that far, I don't think it counts. She was suffering from PTSD throughout the novel but I was really young when I wrote her story so I didn't get as into it as much as I should have.

In the RP-world, Dream had undergone a lobotomy when she was young, which affected her development. Archangel had an arm amputated so he uses a prosthetic. He also lost a wing later on and couldn't fly. Legion was deaf on her left ear, which made her life kind of difficult. Plus she was planned to go blind in a fight with Dragon. I don't know if it counts, but she's also unable to bear children because of a physical trauma that happened after an operation she had at thirteen.

Now that I think about it, I haven't written that many people with mental disabilities or illness. I should look into it...

Monday, March 16, 2015

30 Week Writing Survey - Week 27: Apperances

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First, some updates!

1) I'm back at university. Semester's drawing to a close so I'm having a bit of a panic. Pulse is getting distributed tomorrow (I almost ate all the pages at my house trying to print the 18 copies of the thing) but I'm not going up for workshop till the Tuesday after that. I'm already nervous, unpleasantly so :/ Because in a way, I don't know what's really wrong with the manuscript. Not in the sense that I think it's perfect. Far from it. Just that...there are some components that I'm not sure how will be received. I have an idea of what might be said, but that's because my imagination is running wild. I actually don't know at all. I have no clue what does or doesn't work.

I've loved the writing process, but it's also been really frustrating. And painful. I went to my mom's work on Friday to work on it, and at one point when things didn't go right, I freaked out. In fact, I started crying (silently, but still) and kind of impulsively hit a table out of frustration. I was in the conference room. My mom went in to see what the hell I was doing after she heard that. The offices had been empty all morning but her boss showed up a little after 3 pm. He was in his office on the phone when I started freaking out. There was a bit of a distance between the conference room and his office so he didn't hear me--or if anything, he probably thought I dropped my laptop or a book or something.

But still :/ Just because it didn't escalate doesn't mean it couldn't have taken the turn for the worse. I wouldn't blame my mom if she decides never to take me with her again to her workplace, even when it's empty.

I might talk more about that later...just because it's something I need to write out and think over. Hopefully so it never happens again. I'm still embarrassed it did happen.

Point is, I should not be throwing tantrums at the ripe old age of nineteen. It's ridiculous.

2) For next week, I'm going to clear out Tuesday's afternoon. I'll do all my Wednesday homework on Monday, and do all my Tuesday homework on Wednesday. Why? Cuz I'll probably just want to head home and curl up on my bed. (Sigh. I just realized this is directly related to the thing from above).

I kind of wish I had critique partners/beta readers whom I was friendly and close with, that way I could, in some way, know what was coming. (Or how the criticism would be delivered). I have no idea with this class...

But I guess I'm doing some preemptive suffering. This is the path I chose, yo, I need to suck it up and deal with whatever comes out of it.

Maybe I should write about Tuesday. After workshop. I'll probably be in the mood for a rambly entry then. We'll see if I post it at all.

3) Saw Fifty Shades of Grey with Ren and Silvia last Saturday. Ren was in New York City for most of spring break, so we only saw each other during the weekend. (She got us presents from NY! A cute Pokemon plushie for Silvia, and a shot glass and an aqua green wallet for me). We had also wanted to see space Cinderella movie (Jupiter Ascending, the one that has Ned Stark) and almost saw the actual Cinderella movie (new one, the one with Robb Stark), but ended up going to lunch instead before seeing 50 shades.

And aside from the usual complains people have about that book/movie/franchise (that I have as well), I found myself really annoyed at one thing in particular: Ana got naked wayyy more than Christian. There's full body shots of her constantly throughout this movie, and the camera lingers and pans up and down her body a lot. WHY? How is it that even on an erotic film explicitly aimed at women, the dude's nakedness is still significantly toned down? He was in jeans for like 80% of the sex scenes @_@ Dude, what the fuck? This does not cut it.

4) Speaking of romancy stuff (and this one's much better), I've been watching this drama called My Love from the Star, and I'm realizing it's the nicer, rom-com counterpart to Under the Skin >.> Idk. More aliens should wander around in human bodies. Maybe I should move on to that in my writing projects--alien and human romance. Y'know. When or if I ever need a break from robots.

QUESTION 27: Do appearances play a big role in your stories? Tell us about them, or if not, how you go about designing your characters?

Hmm. I think sometimes they do. I've written about a lot of street kids so they might be malnourished and frail looking. Real prominent, ugly, often facial scars are common with me, because I hate the idea that Good Guys get Good Scars, like the one cut over the jaw that doesn't mar their features. Pfft. And then the villain is, like, super deformed.

Some characters start out with them. Anne has pox scarring all over her body and side of her face since she fell ill when she was younger. In the RPs and novella, Dragon was burned all over his face, chest, and arms, and Cervantes has a weird, discolored patch over his cheek--the skin there got ripped off a few years ago. Redemption's Nikki and Vlad start out heavily scarred--Vlad especially--because of a violent life. And Dream, Bellatrix, Sonya, and Lilith are marred visibly at turning points of their narratives.

In some of the drafts of The Night Kingdom, the witches have distinct appearances. No matter skin or hair color, father's genes, whatever, they all have black eyes with rings of red, and originally also had naturally black colored lips. (Which I may have changed in rewrites). It's what makes them easily recognizable and contributes to their persecutions. Humans have come up with a million different myths for the reason behind the witches' appearance--though none of them have any evidence to deem them truthful.

I also have a thing for ugly or plain characters. I hate the cliche of "she's beautiful and doesn't know it". I'd much rather take the Jane Eyre approach. Pretty much the entire cast of Redemption was average or unattractive, or had some unflattering traits. The one exception was Marcus, but that was mostly because he was toned, tall, and had traditional masculine features. It was a family thing since Bellatrix had said masculine features too--and really wide cheekbones--so she wasn't exactly pretty. She was also malnourished, as was Erick, who was a scrawny, lanky kid who hit an awkward growth spurt before the series began. Madeleine was cute, but that might have been mostly because of her youth and red hair. Nikki and Vlad were good looking but, as stated above, heavily scarred. And my heroine Hitomi was ugly by most people's standards. Her nose was big and crooked, she had fishlips, was mega flat chested and muscular, small, with long, greasy hair that tangled up a lot though she kept it in a high ponytail. Her best feature was her eyes, though. They were a pretty jet black color. And she ended up cutting her hair to chin length at the end of the first novel, so there was some improvement.

Lilith is also not a beauty (and is also flat chested, tiny, and a tad muscular--though not as much as Hitomi) but I think she's a bit cute. Wendy, her twin brother Vincent and mother Tabitha, as well as Ansel, are said to be really good looking, but it's not significant to the plot.

I have had characters with eccentric appearances. Especially since I'm a lover of all things neon hair. In First Impressions, Ed has chin-length bubblegum pink hair which she redyes electric blue later.

I can't remember if anyone was rather good looking in Ataraxia. I don't think it was ever mentioned, but their appearances did contribute to parts of the story. Xuan had albinism, with pale blue eyes and white skin and hair. Sonya has purple pixie hair for the first half of the novel, but it grows out a little bit and she dyes it brown again when she needs to impersonate her sister.

Appearances also played a part in Anne's story. While Anne wasn't considered a particularly beautiful girl, she had really dark brown skin and hair, and had deep blue eyes. She's super recognizable later on. Jane managed to pass off as a boy in her earlier years because she was about six feet in height. After she became a known female pirate, she grew her fiery hair to her waist, which looks pretty against her olive skin and milky brown eyes. This visually connects Anne and Jane to their mythological dragon (blue scales) and phoenix (red feathers). Which is totes lame I admit, but I loved it too much to care >.>

I've written a couple of robots or A.I avatars with really odd appearances or at least peculiar ones. Cuz why be truly human looking when your robotic platform can look totally awesome? D:<

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Beginnings and Ends

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Figures I'd spend most of spring break doing homework assignments. No time for adventure when all my classes sent out readings and writing thingies for the week >> It hasn't been too bad. I finished story mode of Destiny (lolololololol what there was of it >_>) and I've spent a good chunk of the time at the Crucible. And I wrote a lot for Bree and Serena, even finished the former's first draft. Which lead to a couple of things...

You know this scene from the end of season four of Game of Thrones?

Combine that with the Dragon Age: Inquisition song of Journey to Skyhold* and that's exactly how I wound up writing the ending to Pulse. My little baby Breathtaker, after finally earning her name, takes off on an airship to begin her life as a true Crusader.

At first, I wasn't too surprised by the music choice or even how similar my scene ended up to that moment of Game of Thrones. (I can't 100% remember how it was written in the book--read it ages ago, I need to do a reread--so technically I'm just borrowing from the show >->). I did find it weird though, while writing it, how much emphasis I was putting on what was ahead. The point originally had been to have Breathtaker reflect a little on what had happened, what her village would do now that they weren't under peril, what it might mean for her mother's life, etc. In the first little snippet I wrote, she was looking behind at her homeland. In the second snippet, she was sitting at the deck, writing on the grimoire. In the actual writing, she ran out to stare at the path ahead, much the same way that Arya looks out into the open sea.

There's also the fact that in the Journey to Skyhold cut scene, that's truly the point where Dragon Age: Inquisition begins. Not in the sense that nothing's happened before then. You've already got a couple hours of gameplay and you've made a number of important decisions by that point. But nothing's really concrete until you lead everyone to Skyhold and become the Inquisitor there.

That bled into Pulse. And I got this weird reminder of the ending of Millennium Girl and, to an extent, Ataraxia, where the last lines and even what's speculated about the future imply there's a lot that's still going to happen. I've often worried the last line of MG sounds a little like sequel-bait, and since there's probably never going to be a sequel, that might be a bit misleading. Yet I know I'll never change the line. It would break the whole story if I took it out, or it would feel like a betrayal of what had led to that moment >_<

So there's no real finality in the stories, not in the sense that they're incomplete (hopefully), just that something else could happen and probably will, even if I don't get to write it. There's no "20 Years Later" epilogue anywhere. This used to be what I liked about Dream's narratives, and it was so easy because she was a wanderer and could have never settled into a serene, definite end. But I didn't write all her life and adventures, and I doubt I'm doing these open endings in an effort to plant some sequel seeds. In this case, I hope it says a lot about what lies ahead for Bree and even Serena.

Oh, and I got really nervous and jittery right before I started typing Pulse. This has happened before, whenever I start a novel that I've been building up to or if I'm diving into a scene or chapter that's crucial and has been long in planning. But it's never happened for a short story. It's probably due to how much I've been thinking about Breathtaker. Even before I started the first draft, I'd written down snippets and already changed little parts of the narratives. It was just constantly in my head.

On Serena's side, I've been remixing Oculus for the style exercises. And while they're a bit of a pain, I do find myself learning a lot of things. Not always about her, surprisingly enough, but about the white dragon she encounters. At one point in the exercises, I had to give him a full name, and I settled on Jūn Jaeger for various reasons, which play into one of his possible backstories. Serena got a last name too, Lynch, and I found out she learned archery from her uncle, Hansel. It's so weird to discover these things--I hadn't thought about even half of them. The dragon didn't have a name when I started, let alone one so humanizing. The remixes may be a struggle, but the content I'm getting out is interesting.

This is all really encouraging. It's a bit of a reassurance that this won't be the last time I see Bree and Serena.

(Lengthy) P.S: I played Destiny obsessively on Sunday, Monday, and the later half of Tuesday mostly so I could get more screenshots of my guardian...
especially since she's so cute when she makes this face
and so I could level her up enough to get rid of that ugly yellow gear she's been wearing since level 17 >_> (I jumped a couple levels really quickly via Light gear, plus my dad saved some mega pink shader for Breathtaker to use after she reached level 20. So cool.)

At one point, the game gave me a new ship, and I didn't like what they offered me. Out of the three options, I picked a sapphire blue model that looked a bit too bulky. I dunno--it wasn't right. So I went into the shopping option and bought a second one, a lean, bluish purple ship, old and rundown; it seemed like something Bree would want.

And I was showing it off to my dad when my brother popped in and was all, "HEY DATS MY SHIP."

We have the same model DDDx ughhhh. I should have known. It's one of the cheap, early models, anyone would have it. But this really bothered me. He said he bought it agesss ago because his warlock guardian's powers look...purple-y, so having a purple ship makes sense. But I don't careeee. It's more Bree's style!

After some arguing (HE REFUSES TO BUY ANOTHER ONE), we headcanon'd that his guardian and mine are siblings--even though they're not even the same race--and they're so cheap they lend the ship back and forth to each other every other missions. We had to settle on a name for it; right now, it's called Void Specter. He also had jokingly made up a Crusader name for himself (using the rules I'd established for my universe, of course) and said it was Sunbreaker At Twilight. How and why did he break the/a sun and how the hell was it at twilight? Who knows...

But because of the sudden headcanon of siblinghood**, he decided his guardian will take the name.

Which Now, if/when I write the actual story inspired by the game and these thingies, Breathtaker's gonna have a Crusader brother. A robot brother. Called Sunbreaker :D

Color coded siblings!***
(This was after I told my brother his guardian wasn't "purplish" enough to fly Specter.
He was wearing some ugly orange shader combo >_>)
It's going to be so cool! >.<


*Not that I dislike the original song used there; in fact, I adore it. It's called The Children. I made it part of my mini-playlist for Pulse and Eidolons. It's just that Journey to Skyhold is a bit...more...majestic? Bombastic? IDK, it's just bigger. I've been listening to the DA:I soundtrack as I write these short stories and VE sooo...I get influenced >_>

**WHY ISN'T THIS A WORD? *grumble, grumble*

***HeronCalaris is just the account name. Cuz just like I'm always Darth Lolita, my dad/the three of us are always collectively Heron. (Which is also the name of my dad's guardian, a human Titan level 31. He plays this game more than anyone in the house :P)

Monday, March 9, 2015

30 Week Writing Survey - Week 26: Drawing/Art

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I...completely forgot about this post and remembered only until 3 am that I had to write it. The time change plus weird day of traveling on Friday (plus the fiasco that went down with that) has left my sleeping schedule at an even weirder place than before. And instead of staying up to do homework or something, I just keep playing Destiny and watching episodes of Master's Sun (yayyy Korean dramas :P)

I also found an old compound bow my dad bought me a few years back, and on Saturday, we ended up buying a practice long bow. They're nothing fancy--seem like kiddie bows to me, since the real stuff is over 600 dollars. It's been fun to practice with them, but also frustrating. I knowww my stance and technique is all over the place--never mind my actual aiming. Still, it's fun. I feel closer to Serena~

I'll try to get back into regular updates after Spring Break. There are a lotttt more distractions here than in my dorm, but at least I remembered this thingy.

QUESTION 26: Do you draw your characters? Do others draw them? Share a drawing/some drawings of your characters, created by yourself or others! (If no one has drawn them and you can't draw, why not at least make an avatar?)

So aside from the illustrations in my childhood tales--and the ones I did with Maria's novel, Violet--I've never drawn my characters. Mostly because I'm not an artist nor have I put any effort into drawing since 8th grade.

But I've been lucky enough to always have art friends throughout of my life. In high school especially I had friends who drew a bunch of my characters, particularly from the Redemption cast. My friend Bernie drew Hitomi and Bellatrix once during Spirit Week in 9th grade. Carp also gave me once super cute drawings of Spirit and Dream, which I have in my backups somewhere Dx. Emzy drew Bellatrix and Marcus, and I think also Hitomi. She also made me a digital illustration for chibi!Arkana, from The Night Kingdom. This was when I was experimenting with changing an outright Medieval Europe setting to incorporate some steampunk.

Arkana uses a war hammer in all but the first draft (since
she's still a kid in that one), and never that cool looking thing.
But it's still badass.
Aside from friends, mostly, I abuse RinmaruGames to make cute avatars of my characters >.> Wayy too much. Like...way, way too much. And I'm in such a chipper mood, I'm going to try and show off a bunch of them. I don't have some old ones, especially Dream-centered ones or any from The Night Kingdom (except one that might be in the archives) or Ataraxia--though I do remember having made Sonya and Katya at one point. :( All of these are from the last two years or so.

Note: There might be some games here not done by Rinmaru. Some might be by her friend, Pichichama, and others might be from other websites or artists. But mostly, this is all Rin's doing cuz she's cool o-e

These are for Millennium Girl:
Face shape is wrong (Lilith has a very round face),
 but I was mostly in it for the scars--even though
they're MUCH more severe in the book.
This is the closest they come to my mental image of them o-e 

I'd shown one like this before, but I actually went back to fix it once I got to know K and V's styles. So these are Kaede and Valentine from The Way Out Is Through (no longer canon material) and Vanguard's Exodus.
Not pictured: Valentine's blue and green highlights :D
I made Amber with one of these, and she came out okay at first, but looked so drastically different depending on what screen I was seeing her through and I wasn't happy with it. It's so difficult >_> I can almost never find the right shade of her bronze skin and dark golden hair--it's either too bright, too orange-y, the wrong undertone, etc Dx But I might try and post up one if I can succeed.

First Impressions. 

(Old, incomplete YA story I started in 9th grade and partially planned with Emzy).

This is an old dress-up I made for the character of Ed (it's not short for Edward o-e So I'm technically not pulling a Cowboy Bebop. The nickname is because her name is Emily Dumas.)

She's...eccentric, to say the least. And this doesn't even have her canon rainbow eyelashes:

Rinmaru also has some manga creator pages I used a lot for this. I had some early ones from her first manga creator, but it seems I've lost the files. She took out another creator a few years after the first, so I did more scenes with the pages >> I really love them, even if the colors, bangs, or even facial shapes are off at times... (still awesome).

I don't want to list names because I'm thinking of rewriting it, and in doing so I'm probably changing them all, with the exception of Ed. Oh, and, like, a good chunk of these scenarios don't happen in the story, it was just what the scenes in the manga creator pages called for.
His eye color turns grey after the halfway point o-e
I like it better grey.
His skin color is wayy too light in most of these pictures.
Him and his sister have olive skin, but I haven't had time to redo this.
This one's not my fault @_@ The manga creator wouldn't let me pick
a darker skin color for the dude on the left.
This is because I couldn't figure out if I wanted this guy to be a blonde or redhead >_>
I think I like him as a blonde more o-e 

Great, productive use of my time, eh? >.>

Saturday, March 7, 2015

7 of 3

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March 7th has arrived! Cheer and bounce and say happy birthday to...

this fictional boy:

my fictional girl:

this possibly non-fictional boy:

(double congratulations are in order because early this week, he also got accepted into his top-choice university)

To John, Dream, and, most importantly, my brother Mateo,


Monday, March 2, 2015

30 Week Writing Survey - Week 25: Pets

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Holy hell was last week chaotic. So much crap to do for all my classes T_T Projects and studying and preparation for who knows how many quizzes and exams. And I have a midterm today, in, lyk, three hours. Ugh. I might have gotten stuff done faster if Pulse hadn't kept distracting me >_> I've got like three weeks before I have to workshop the story, but I've barely even gotten the first draft down! So nervous about it. And I already love it too much, which means editing is gonna hurt more than usual. I really should know better...

Friday night was also a bit of a mixed bag. Some guy at the SLC wouldn't leave me and my friend ALONEEEE no matter how much we tried to distance ourselves from him. I hate it when a guy obviously understands he's being too forward and creepy, yet he thinks being apologetic and polite somehow makes up for the fact that he's not adhering to our wishes of "please go away and stop talking to us." At first I thought he was friendly, but then it started getting borderline uncomfortable and clingy. It was awkward. Also, do creepy guys not know girls have peripheral vision? This is not the first time I've noticed someone constantly staring at me when I'm facing slightly away. I can see out the corner of my eyes, yo. Most girls can see out the corner of their eyes. You're not being discreet. (This is a problem in my vampire lit class, though the victim in this instance is my poor friend Lana).

Despite the annoyance, I got to see Big Hero 6 for the first time. And it was wonderfulll.

No wait. Not enough of a reaction. Ahem.


I loved it so much. Probably way more than most people do--the robot, Baymax, in it is just too perfect. (Did I mention the robots in Interstellar are also what made the movie 900% better?)

This is one of the cutest scenes ever (even though this movie is fullll of them)

I was starting to get worried about my story and my writing and how the class really won't like what I'm attempting. But watching a good little sci-fi flick cheered me up. Even if I can't manage to get the class to like what I'm writing, at least I gave it a shot. I'll get there one day.

Short post today. I'll do more ranting and ramblings in a few weeks/days.

QUESTION 25: Do any of your characters have pets? Tell us about them. O_O

I planned a dog once, and he was to make an appearance in Salvation, the sequel to Redemption. But he never showed up cuz I never got that far. I don't even remember what his breed was or if "he" was even a boy.

I do want to write pets. Maybe a German Sheppard because they're my favorite kind of dogs. But I've never really gotten around to write one. I'm not even counting the digital kitten in Vanguard's Exodus because you don't see him that often...I did call him Proton, though, after a kitten my AP Environmental Science class rescued once (long story). He was adorable >.>

I wish wolves counted. They keep showing up in virtually all my stories, but never as pets. And sometimes not even as real animals. Dragons don't count either since no one has pet dragons--cuz my kind of dragon can't be tamed.
(Not even by their mother.)
So...uh...yeah, no pets. I should do that someday.
"Science and science fiction have done a kind of dance over the last century... The scientists make a finding. It inspires science fiction writers to write about it, and a host of young people read the science fiction and are excited, and inspired to become scientists...which they do, which then feeds again into another generation of science fiction and science..."
- Carl Sagan, in his message to future explorers of Mars.