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30 Week Writing Survey - Week 26: Drawing/Art

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I...completely forgot about this post and remembered only until 3 am that I had to write it. The time change plus weird day of traveling on Friday (plus the fiasco that went down with that) has left my sleeping schedule at an even weirder place than before. And instead of staying up to do homework or something, I just keep playing Destiny and watching episodes of Master's Sun (yayyy Korean dramas :P)

I also found an old compound bow my dad bought me a few years back, and on Saturday, we ended up buying a practice long bow. They're nothing fancy--seem like kiddie bows to me, since the real stuff is over 600 dollars. It's been fun to practice with them, but also frustrating. I knowww my stance and technique is all over the place--never mind my actual aiming. Still, it's fun. I feel closer to Serena~

I'll try to get back into regular updates after Spring Break. There are a lotttt more distractions here than in my dorm, but at least I remembered this thingy.

QUESTION 26: Do you draw your characters? Do others draw them? Share a drawing/some drawings of your characters, created by yourself or others! (If no one has drawn them and you can't draw, why not at least make an avatar?)

So aside from the illustrations in my childhood tales--and the ones I did with Maria's novel, Violet--I've never drawn my characters. Mostly because I'm not an artist nor have I put any effort into drawing since 8th grade.

But I've been lucky enough to always have art friends throughout of my life. In high school especially I had friends who drew a bunch of my characters, particularly from the Redemption cast. My friend Bernie drew Hitomi and Bellatrix once during Spirit Week in 9th grade. Carp also gave me once super cute drawings of Spirit and Dream, which I have in my backups somewhere Dx. Emzy drew Bellatrix and Marcus, and I think also Hitomi. She also made me a digital illustration for chibi!Arkana, from The Night Kingdom. This was when I was experimenting with changing an outright Medieval Europe setting to incorporate some steampunk.

Arkana uses a war hammer in all but the first draft (since
she's still a kid in that one), and never that cool looking thing.
But it's still badass.
Aside from friends, mostly, I abuse RinmaruGames to make cute avatars of my characters >.> Wayy too much. Like...way, way too much. And I'm in such a chipper mood, I'm going to try and show off a bunch of them. I don't have some old ones, especially Dream-centered ones or any from The Night Kingdom (except one that might be in the archives) or Ataraxia--though I do remember having made Sonya and Katya at one point. :( All of these are from the last two years or so.

Note: There might be some games here not done by Rinmaru. Some might be by her friend, Pichichama, and others might be from other websites or artists. But mostly, this is all Rin's doing cuz she's cool o-e

These are for Millennium Girl:
Face shape is wrong (Lilith has a very round face),
 but I was mostly in it for the scars--even though
they're MUCH more severe in the book.
This is the closest they come to my mental image of them o-e 

I'd shown one like this before, but I actually went back to fix it once I got to know K and V's styles. So these are Kaede and Valentine from The Way Out Is Through (no longer canon material) and Vanguard's Exodus.
Not pictured: Valentine's blue and green highlights :D
I made Amber with one of these, and she came out okay at first, but looked so drastically different depending on what screen I was seeing her through and I wasn't happy with it. It's so difficult >_> I can almost never find the right shade of her bronze skin and dark golden hair--it's either too bright, too orange-y, the wrong undertone, etc Dx But I might try and post up one if I can succeed.

First Impressions. 

(Old, incomplete YA story I started in 9th grade and partially planned with Emzy).

This is an old dress-up I made for the character of Ed (it's not short for Edward o-e So I'm technically not pulling a Cowboy Bebop. The nickname is because her name is Emily Dumas.)

She's...eccentric, to say the least. And this doesn't even have her canon rainbow eyelashes:

Rinmaru also has some manga creator pages I used a lot for this. I had some early ones from her first manga creator, but it seems I've lost the files. She took out another creator a few years after the first, so I did more scenes with the pages >> I really love them, even if the colors, bangs, or even facial shapes are off at times... (still awesome).

I don't want to list names because I'm thinking of rewriting it, and in doing so I'm probably changing them all, with the exception of Ed. Oh, and, like, a good chunk of these scenarios don't happen in the story, it was just what the scenes in the manga creator pages called for.
His eye color turns grey after the halfway point o-e
I like it better grey.
His skin color is wayy too light in most of these pictures.
Him and his sister have olive skin, but I haven't had time to redo this.
This one's not my fault @_@ The manga creator wouldn't let me pick
a darker skin color for the dude on the left.
This is because I couldn't figure out if I wanted this guy to be a blonde or redhead >_>
I think I like him as a blonde more o-e 

Great, productive use of my time, eh? >.>


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