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30 Week Writing Survey - Week 28: Disabilities

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Quick update: While I've been agonizing over the impending workshop, I've been distracting myself. And as a result, I've come up with a couple new characters >_>

I'm thinking along with Serena, Jūn, Breathtaker, Magnetic Truth, and Sunbreaker, there are two more characters who will join them in whatever story is theirs, probably in a science fantasy tale. I know little of them, but I figured out the other day that if this setting involves Earth in any way, the girl, Octavia, is from Ecuador, and is studying medicine. And lololol I'm so nervous. I've never, ever, ever written a character from my own birth country. I have no idea how I'm going to manage. She sounds kind of interesting so far. I mostly see her through the interactions of the second character, who's also kind of young and seems to be working as a mercenary. While thinking about him, I heard him call someone (I think Breathtaker) "Noona", so I realized he's Korean. Over the weekend, I figured out his name: Lee Jae-hyun.

Underneath Amber and Miri's complains that I haven't been writing VE (I'm picking it back up now that the semester's slowing down a bit), I can hear the science fantasy peps talking a lot in the background. At one point, while I was scribbling down ideas for Serena and Jūn, I got kind of sad at the thought that, if Breathtaker's story was straight up sci-fi, there might be a conflict with including Jūn. Not Serena, obviously. Serena's adaptable, she could be in any genre. But Jūn, not so much.

So I was musing in my journal, thinking of how to work things out, and I wrote down something like, "it doesn't seem right to have Serena separated from her dragon-boy." And I heard her shout, wayyyyy in the back of my head, "HE'S NOT MY ANYTHING!"

The glimpses I'm getting of their relationship are soooo cute. Or well. Kinda. It seems mildly complicated, but I can also practically feel her luminescent blush radiating. Ahhh.

We'll see if any of this survives to an actual story. Right now they're just musings. VE is the priority (and then MG).

Also, one last thing: can I just say, I'm so proud of the fact that my line edits/comments are apparently super hilarious to read? In the last Kudzu reading, my fiction editor told everyone that she enjoys going through all of our comments, especially when we start flailing in anger. She said that even if reading a couple of them is a tad painful, we should push on, because "if anything, always go through the stories so you can read Rebeca's comments."

Glad I can entertain so well :P (This girl called Paxton always has really funny comments too. I end up reading her line edits a lot too. Kudzu's been especially fun this semester).

QUESTION 28: Have you ever written a character with physical or mental disabilities? Describe them, and if there's nothing major to speak of, tell us a few smaller ones.

Mostly physical ones here o-e

I've written a couple of people with visual problems. Xuan from Ataraxia had albinism, which affected his vision, though he'd had some surgery for it. He could see, but his eyes were really sensitive to light and being exposed to it gave him massive headaches. He always wore sunglasses wherever he went.

I took this a bit further with Serena from Oculus, who not only has light sensitivity but is also near sighted. It makes her archery...complicated and she's not in a period of time where she can have access to corrective lenses, sunglasses, or surgery. (I think). Serena's skin is also really sensitive to sunlight (sunburns easily, at a high risk of skin cancer) so she mostly hunts at night. If she has to be out and about during the day, she covers up completely and keeps mostly underneath shades.

Hitomi was planned to lose her leg at the end of Salvation, but since I didn't get that far, I don't think it counts. She was suffering from PTSD throughout the novel but I was really young when I wrote her story so I didn't get as into it as much as I should have.

In the RP-world, Dream had undergone a lobotomy when she was young, which affected her development. Archangel had an arm amputated so he uses a prosthetic. He also lost a wing later on and couldn't fly. Legion was deaf on her left ear, which made her life kind of difficult. Plus she was planned to go blind in a fight with Dragon. I don't know if it counts, but she's also unable to bear children because of a physical trauma that happened after an operation she had at thirteen.

Now that I think about it, I haven't written that many people with mental disabilities or illness. I should look into it...


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